Showdown in Searchlight

I just returned from a busy, crowded, thought provoking event that has impacted me, more than I probably know. I went to Searchlight, Nevada on a Charter Bus with a Tea Party group.  I loved it.  The photos and video I shot are not so great, but I posted a video of pictures here

Regarding the rally, the information will be disjointed as I try to sort my thoughts out and I think slowly more of my thoughts will be released.

Sarah Palin. I don’t go wild over her but apparently a lot of people do. She’s a good speaker, she was a great governor, she’s a good mom and over all good person, I don’t argue with that, but she is not a lone figure fighting this cause.

At the rally after Sarah spoke a lot of people left, it was like they heard her speak and that’s all they came for. To me this is a sign of an ‘entertainer’ not a political figure. I like a little more meat with my potatoes. I cannot recall all the speakers at this moment, but I know that I was waiting for Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew came on and I was inspired. Sarah is inspiring but listening to both of them, gave me more perspective, more information in which to draw conclusions and outcomes. Andrew offered up a $100K reward for video tape of the N word being used at the end of the HC fiasco vote last weekend, when the Black Men deliberately walked thru a mob of angry people, angry at the very thing these men support. Andrew voiced what people were thinking but were too Sheople-ized to say. Lewis had better put up or shut up. If it happened the way he said it did, someone will have a video tape of it and $100K is incentive enough to produce this evidence. Lewis put up or shut up. MSM put up or shut up.

Joe the Plumber came on and I had never heard him before. Not only is he really nice to look at, he thinks like I do, I agreed with him on every point. He’s someone everyday Americans can learn from.

Victoria Jackson cracked me up. I quote “I don’t just play an airhead on TV”. Her entertainment was definitely value added. She sang a song “I hope I don’t get sick” and Lloyd Marcus was singing along.

Oh that reminds me at the Harrah’s before Searchlight Lloyd Marcus was at the McDonalds there and he was so approachable and I told him that his music motivates me and to keep doing it. He seemed interested in what I had to say. He is another model for Americans.

Angela McGlown a black woman business owner running for a seat in government spoke, she is not only a beautiful woman, but she is highly spirited and interesting to listen to. I can’t describe her emotion, the feeling in her speech so I can’t put words to it, but I think she believes in the cause.

A young Hispanic ‘rapper’ came on and I think he was called Political , correct me (correction is in, it’s Polatik ) if I am wrong. He spoke of his days as a youth pastor in Waco Texas and how Tea Party members encouraged him to read the declaration of independence and the constitution and he did. He wrote a song about it and the song moved me to tears, but then again I cry for everything.

Another artist sang a very beautiful song that I cannot remember the name to nor can I remember the name of the artist, so I have to go thru my videos. His song was touching and heartfelt and the people who left after Sarah missed this.


A sign of the times?

Wow, California never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes I have to go outside and look around at the mountains that are in my back yard. Oh yes, I remind myself, it’s beautiful here, duh and the weather is really nice. Never mind the fact that we are bankrupt, taxed to death, with more on the way, the people here are some of the most entitled minded people I have ever met and the fact that the cesspool known as Hollywood is just up the road. Yes California is a living breathing contradiction. I found this article and thought I would share it. It starts out:

California has run out of money, but it hasn’t yet run out of things to regulate.

Board voted to set up a committee to examine whether condoms should be required on all pornographic film shoots within the Golden State.

Do you hear the slurs?

UPDATE:  Andrew Breitbart has offered a $100K reward for video footage corroborating the story of the Black Caucus members.  Almost everyone there had a camera, if you have clear video/audio footage of the slurs please contact me.