Paying taxes is Voluntary

According to an interview with Jan Helfeld in 2008 Harry Reid says you are not obligated to pay taxes in the US. The whole message defines what Harry Reid is: @sshat


One response to “Paying taxes is Voluntary

  1. Harry Reid…This idiot got stumped as they all do when you stay on point and focused on the question.

    “Phraseology” and the ‘Bill Clinton Thumb’ that these moronic politicians from both parties use now just makes a viewer want to slap the pee out of him.

    WHY do people in this country keep voting for liars like this? He was so taken aback because Jan wasn’t your run-of-the-mill interviewer that he restarted his answer several times; lost his footing. NONE of these people can stand up under scrutiny. None of them. It’s a pitiful thing to stop and think about how many like minded idiots we have in this country that just keep eating the crap coming out of this wanker’s mouth. Did common sense, a person’s intuition not ring like a bell this last election?? Couldn’t they see the stars aligning? You have this fool and Pelosi and Obama and the rest of the world laughs at America.
    It’s truly a shame.
    I don’t know if he was trying to convince the interviewer that America was truly voluntary when it came to taxes or himself!
    I know, himself.

    Then, the best part was where he said, ” don’t go to jail!!!” Silly boy, Jan…! You’re right Harry. You go to PRISON.

    I hope that America gets it’s head out of it’s nether regions in ’12. Because the only ‘lesson’ that we have been taught by the democrat majority and Obama taking office is that our previous and current positions were and are correct. Liberals are not ignorant. They CHOOSE to be stupid for stupid reasons.

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