Do you hear the slurs?

UPDATE:  Andrew Breitbart has offered a $100K reward for video footage corroborating the story of the Black Caucus members.  Almost everyone there had a camera, if you have clear video/audio footage of the slurs please contact me.

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2 responses to “Do you hear the slurs?

  1. Robin,
    I like your blog!
    I watched a video .. think it was some Huffington Post site which they say showed that the black representative was spat upon. They are stretching it quite a bit. What happened is… the crowd was yelling “Kill the Bill!” and as did several others in the crowd, one of the protesters had his hands cupped on each side of his mouth yelling the chant. “Kill the Bill!” The black Rep paused in front of the man and the man was yelling “Kill the Bill!” The black man more or less looked like he was getting closer to this man to make an angry remark to him and the rest of the crowd. Then as the black man continued walking with the Black Caucus group, he appeared to be wiping his mouth off. It looks like he got too close to the yelling man and perhaps got a mist of saliva. To my eye the man in the crowd did not spit at anyone.
    Besr regards,
    Susan, member of TeaParty Express Santee

  2. I will be waiting to see if Andrew Breitbart gets to pay out his reward or not. I just don’t think that anyone shouted those slurs, we are beyond that now.

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