Showdown in Searchlight

I just returned from a busy, crowded, thought provoking event that has impacted me, more than I probably know. I went to Searchlight, Nevada on a Charter Bus with a Tea Party group.  I loved it.  The photos and video I shot are not so great, but I posted a video of pictures here

Regarding the rally, the information will be disjointed as I try to sort my thoughts out and I think slowly more of my thoughts will be released.

Sarah Palin. I don’t go wild over her but apparently a lot of people do. She’s a good speaker, she was a great governor, she’s a good mom and over all good person, I don’t argue with that, but she is not a lone figure fighting this cause.

At the rally after Sarah spoke a lot of people left, it was like they heard her speak and that’s all they came for. To me this is a sign of an ‘entertainer’ not a political figure. I like a little more meat with my potatoes. I cannot recall all the speakers at this moment, but I know that I was waiting for Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew came on and I was inspired. Sarah is inspiring but listening to both of them, gave me more perspective, more information in which to draw conclusions and outcomes. Andrew offered up a $100K reward for video tape of the N word being used at the end of the HC fiasco vote last weekend, when the Black Men deliberately walked thru a mob of angry people, angry at the very thing these men support. Andrew voiced what people were thinking but were too Sheople-ized to say. Lewis had better put up or shut up. If it happened the way he said it did, someone will have a video tape of it and $100K is incentive enough to produce this evidence. Lewis put up or shut up. MSM put up or shut up.

Joe the Plumber came on and I had never heard him before. Not only is he really nice to look at, he thinks like I do, I agreed with him on every point. He’s someone everyday Americans can learn from.

Victoria Jackson cracked me up. I quote “I don’t just play an airhead on TV”. Her entertainment was definitely value added. She sang a song “I hope I don’t get sick” and Lloyd Marcus was singing along.

Oh that reminds me at the Harrah’s before Searchlight Lloyd Marcus was at the McDonalds there and he was so approachable and I told him that his music motivates me and to keep doing it. He seemed interested in what I had to say. He is another model for Americans.

Angela McGlown a black woman business owner running for a seat in government spoke, she is not only a beautiful woman, but she is highly spirited and interesting to listen to. I can’t describe her emotion, the feeling in her speech so I can’t put words to it, but I think she believes in the cause.

A young Hispanic ‘rapper’ came on and I think he was called Political , correct me (correction is in, it’s Polatik ) if I am wrong. He spoke of his days as a youth pastor in Waco Texas and how Tea Party members encouraged him to read the declaration of independence and the constitution and he did. He wrote a song about it and the song moved me to tears, but then again I cry for everything.

Another artist sang a very beautiful song that I cannot remember the name to nor can I remember the name of the artist, so I have to go thru my videos. His song was touching and heartfelt and the people who left after Sarah missed this.


3 responses to “Showdown in Searchlight

  1. Hollylamb,

    Good blog post. I left the audience area after Sarah’s speech. I didn’t come to see Sarah. But I was tired, cold and wind burned. I had four family members including an angelic 4 year old autistic daughter. It was a long day. I was lucky to get back to Henderson by 4:30pm because the traffic getting out of the property was so crazy.

    I think many left after Sarah because of similar thoughts.

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