May Day Support in San Diego

Hello Folks today is Saturday May First Twenty Ten. The Santea Party had a Meet Up event today; it was the May Day Support for Arizona. I am very sad to say there was a very poor turn out. I must include excuses for the poor turn out. It was a beautiful day today in San Diego, the sun was shining it was a perfect temperature and it was a Saturday. Working folks, sometimes they just want to have fun and relax. Another issue may have been the rumor of possible violence at this Meet Up. Not unfounded concerns either considering that people opposing the law where saying they were going to kill us with axes and shovels. The Raza crowd was peaceful enough, but I have to say all credit goes to the San Diego Police Department. They kept everyone in line, including us. The Raza had a large crowd of at least 500 I would say. They were organized and orderly they performed like a parade. They reminded me of the SEIU when they bus their people to an event. This parade was staged and it was well rehearsed it was not a chance gathering for them as it was for us. Prior to the ‘Parade’ there were about 75 protesters opposing the Arizona Law gathering on the other side of the street. Let it be said they were on the left side of the street; we were on the right.

We had some speakers; there was Future Sherriff Jay LaSuer and candidate for congress Mason Weaver, also a spokesman for the Border Patrol. It was inspiring to hear them, but I was very sad the turn out was so small. I had other plans today, but there was a nagging feeling at me, that I needed to go and support Arizona, no not just Arizona but America. I thank the people who showed up today, the ones there really showed some spunk. I should have taken the time to get some names, but I didn’t. I should have gotten some interviews so you could see the determination of these individuals but I didn’t. I did learn the name of one Individual; she was Holly, but not Hollylamb. She is an import from the East Coast and an adult education teacher, she teaches drama.

The protesters on the Left side were nameless to me. They had signs denouncing us as Nazis as they wore their T-shirts with Che Guevara on them. I found that to be very ironic. The pre-parade crowd was predominantly young women and men calling for the end of racial profiling and stating that Arizona WAS Mexico. I am trying very hard to remember their signs but they all seemed to lack any kind of justification for illegal immigration. They were shouting for Justice and they wanted it now. I couldn’t help but remember when I was young and dumb too. Weren’t we all? Isn’t Liberalism for the young and then later if you retain it past 40 you are considered brain dead? I know there is saying of that sort some where. I looked at the young women across the street screaming at us and couldn’t help think of my own daughter. My own daughter probably never would have showed up there, she would have had better things to do.

When the parade passed through, first there were the Aztec Dancers they were really awesome to see, that was free entertainment for me. I can say nothing bad about those dancers; the music was good the show was great it was professional entertainment that a lot of people will pay for. After the dancers came the walkers, people opposing Arizona’s new law. I can’t site the whole event in this blog and I can’t post all my videos here, I will have them available on my youtube site you can check them out and see what I am talking about. The insults to us ranged from the finger, to ‘F*ck You” to “Uncle Sam suck me d*ck” or actually he may have used a different word for that body part. I will have to review the video again. The whole grandiose of the dancers was cancelled out by the crude remarks of the walkers following. I have no idea why these talented people would have wanted crude, rude individuals making a mockery of them. The young people out there making these crude comments, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Where are their parents?” As a mom I like to know what my children are doing even though they are adults. I know I say this a lot but I think I raised my kids right because I can say with certainty that my kids would not have been out there doing that or if they were they’d have enough sense not to get caught on camera to avoid mom calling up and calling them on the carpet for it. Even though our crowd was small, we were civil and at some point we did get a little forward but I don’t recall any F yous or Suck my(s). We did have a gentleman on our side of the street use the word Sh*t to refer to the mess the opposition was sitting in.

OH MY GOSH I almost forgot, this is getting long folks and I apologize. A super hero showed up to the rally from the Extreme Justice League. I wish I had gotten a still of him, I would post it, but I only got a video, look for that on my youtube spot . I thought it was a joke, but he was sincere in words and actions. I was impressed, please if you made it this far in this blog please take the time to see his video.


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