Phoenix Rising!
Don’t Retreat, RELOAD!
Phoenix Rising Rally this weekend (June 5th, 2010). My last big out of town rally was Showdown in Searchlight that came on the heels of the passage of Obamacare. A very sad day in history and our spirits sagged more than Helen Thomas’ face. I remember that weekend in March wondering how America was going to go on after we had been raped and pillage so atrociously. In Arizona the revolution is still going strong plenty of Socialism Na-Sayers to keep up the good fight. Phoenix is a gorgeous city, I recommend visiting there. Heck, I would like to live there. There was a guy walking around with a hand gun strapped to his waist. I had my pepper spray strapped to my belt loop, but somehow it’s just not the same.
Hope is rising!
It was a great time in Phoenix AZ, the temperature was 107 during the 3 to 6 time slot, but we arrived early to get a parking place and a shady area to sit. Anyone who came was brave, the sun was a blazing, it felt like someone holding a flame to your body.
Stop the Invasion!
There were a lot of speakers, 21 scheduled speakers and a few impromptu ones. For those of you who scream “Racists” in your head or even at the screen 9 were of Mexican heritage, they made it clear they were not Mexican-Americans and one Black man Ted Hayes a New American Activist. I have a lot of his speech recorded, but it’s too big to upload.
I am having a hard time understanding what the Liberals don’t understand about the word Illegal. It’s a simple word to define. The only way that you could be accepting of illegal immigrants is if you yourself support and encourage criminal behavior. People: stop, think. If your child is letting his friends into your house so they can steal your belongings, he’s a criminal, even if he is your family. It’s NOT America’s job to take care of the rest of the world’s poor. What makes Liberals and the current Regime in power think it’s our responsibility. We are at this moment over $13,000,000,000,000 in debt that is $13 TRILLION dollars in debt. If that were income and not debt we could own almost every other country in the world we would BE the world.
Hey has anyone seen Greece lately? They have a very serious ‘hand out program’ issue, LIKE WE HAVE. NO MAS no more handouts. Say it with me folks, NO MORE HANDOUTS WE CAN’T AFFORD IT. For those of you who don’t know how to manage your money, you have no clue what I’m talking about, but for the rest of us who like to save for our future, you know what I am saying. Uncle Sam is NOT a sugar daddy, he’s not a pimp and he’s not your Momma either. Go back home, make your home country accountable. Its simple math, if you are an American, you care about America, if you are loyal to a different country then why are you here?
Sheriff Joe Arpaio ROCKS, he’s gotta be the best law enforcement officer in the US. If only we could clone him and make a copy for each county in each state. There were so many good, moving speakers.
The current Regime is Treasonous with their willingness to look the other way when it comes to illegals. The people who harbor the illegals are traders to their fellow citizens. You cannot be for illegal immigration and be a Patriot Citizen, it doesn’t work that way.
This is way too long and I didn’t even say a small part of what I wanted to say. I give a special thanks to Bill Bennett for taking me to Phoenix in his ’09 corvette; it’s pictured in the slide show. Thanks to Ralph for attending with us and telling me the interesting stories. Thanks to the woman selling the $3 hats, I think without that hat I would be burned to a crisp.
If you’ve made it this far please be sure to note the California Republic Flag featured several times. Let me know what you think.