You Racist Tea Partiers!

I was watching this video of these Tea Party Folks, gathering together as White Folk will do.  They just can’t embrace change, they have no idea how wonderful a Socialist society truly would be.  They gather together with their typical White clothes, with their typical dumb signs saying their usual racist dialog that ONLY a White person could say.  You know that right?  That White people are Racists.  I have uncovered this truth.  If this doesn’t make you want to go out and get into a Tea Partier’s face, I’m not sure what will.  Disgusting, racist, really not even worth my time, but I’m wasting time to show you all reading this that an end must be put the Tea Party and an end must be put to White people.

I can’t understand how they can say say White people are not racist.  Here is a cracker joe reporter trying to get into a polling place and he’s harassing the innocent voter that is doing security.  Someone needs to smack that cracker joe with the camera in the face then shove that camera down his throat.  D@mn White people, they just can’t imagine a Black man minding his own businessl

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