Nick Popaditch for Congress Tea Party Rally 9/18/2010

September 18th 2010 Candidates Tea Party Rally featuring Nick, Chelene and other fine Candidates

What a great Rally.  I keep saying “That’s the best one I’ve been to” they just keep getting better.  It was very difficult to top Showdown in Searchlight, that’s been one of my favorites so far, but the Tax Day Tea Party Rally was really good too.   I was to a Rally last weekend to ‘Remember 9/11”.  Not to take away from the importance of what happened that day, but it is was also my birthday.  When I turned 36 I stopped having birthdays and started to remember the people jumping from burning buildings, a vision that will never leave me.   A tragedy brought to us courtesy of Islam, the enemy the Left refuses to name.

I’m only going to touch on the 9/11 Rally, it was “one of the best I have been to” but I want to keep that day apart.  It was brought to us free from Nick ‘Gunny’ Popaditch and Sweetwater Harley Davidson in National City, CA.  Though former Gunnery Sergeant Nick Popaditch is running for Congress it was not a political event.  Nick shared with us his time in the service as did Duncan Hunter Sr.  They recapped that day in 2001 and we honored the Fire Fighters, the Police, the First Responders and our fallen Soldiers.  We remembered the Americans that died needlessly that day.  We also reaffirmed our beliefs as Americans by reciting the pledge and singing the National Anthem.  I cried all the way through the playing of TAPS.  I really haven’t had a good birthday in a lot of years; I have to say this 9/11 was really a very good day.

Fast forward to today 9/18/2010 the day of the Nick Popaditch for Congress Tea Party it was in El Cajon, CA and what a perfect day.  There are not many non-perfect days in SoCal but this seemed to be extra special.  There was a very good turnout.  We began at 1pm with the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem.  It’s so good to be around Patriots.  I know a lot of Liberals and I am not comfortable around them, they tend to make me uneasy.  I think it is because you cannot really speak your mind around them.  They focus on political correctness and you walk on eggshells to avoid an offensive word.  I’m not sure how people live like that.

A lot of the faces were familiar to me, but even more where not.  I was excited to see a Chelene Nightingale booth there.  Chelene is running for Governor of California.   Meg Whitman has spent $119 MILLION dollars campaigning against Jerry Brown?  I don’t think so.  She has spent it campaigning against Jerry and Chelene.   I have to wonder why a Billionaire who has never voted wants to run California.  Chelene is a mom and she is very clear why she wants to be Governor <click link to see>.  Ever since I voted for Ross Perot in the 90s and we ended up with the Clintons I have avoided the ‘third party’ vote.  This year I am voting for Chelene.  People say “You are throwing away a vote”, I say, no I am not.  If I voted for Meg I’d be throwing away a vote.  If I voted for Moonbeam Brown I’d be throwing away a vote.  Voting for Chelene is voting for my VALUES <click link to see>.  California cannot sustain another Meg, Jerry or Arnold, all of them are the same and all of them are spelled DOOM FOR CALIFORNIA.

Nick Popaditch, what a guy.  I found out today he is two years younger than I.  I’m gonna be honest, the guy is hot, but that would not influence my voting, I’m not in his district anyway.  There is something endearing about him.  I think it’s his sincerity you just don’t see that in a Politician.  He says he’s not a Politician he will be our Gunnery Sergeant up on Capitol Hill.  We tell him what we want and he will convey the message.  One thing I learned today is that Nick and Chelene want to work for us <click link to see>, because they are part of We the People.  They understand what everyday life is about.   Neither are trust fund babies and both have families to think about.  Regular people, doing regular jobs wanting to restore California to the Great Republic it once was.  Meg Whitman had a booth at this Rally.  Her booth was the only Candidate booth that did not have the candidate there.  Why would Meg Whitman put a booth at a Tea Party Rally?  She is part of the Establishment.   She is not for the little people, she is for Amnesty she is for the Unions, she spells disaster for California and frankly her booth should not have been allowed, but hey it’s a free country.  A speaker at the Rally mentioned that even though she gets a constant barrage of hate mail from the Left she pushes on reminding herself that even the ungrateful Liberals are a part of this country and deserve to live free whether they know it or not.

There were so many speakers there and I apologize for not being able to name them all.  In reality several of them like Ronn Hall, Orin, Gabe Pino, the water board and school board candidates I had just heard them speak on 9/9 at a CRA meeting so I got up to snap some more pictures.  They are all great candidates and hope that they get elected on to continue to improve San Diego County.  Rick Powell  running for 78th district is a Retired Colonel I had heard him speak on 9/9 as well, what a resume he has.  Visit his website and learn about him, we need this one.  I plead with every one of us to research and examine our candidates.  This is not pretend anymore, this is for real we either take back Capitol Hill or we learn to speak Chinese or worse learn how to pray to Allah 5 times a day.  You laugh, but folks the writing is on the wall, if you are not convinced, look at Arizona, the acting President, Mr. Obama has turned on his own state, he has turned the Secretary of State and Department of Justice against a State that is fighting in the trenches against the Mexican Drug Cartel.  This is fiction novel material, but it’s real.  This is what our life has become California.  Open your eyes, yoo hoo, hello, anyone in there?  Lights are on, nobody’s home; we are out back with our heads buried in the sand.

Before I close this out, let me explain our options for November as I see them.  One, we take back Capitol Hill and attempt to downsize government.  It’s going to be a helluva struggle.  It will take 6 years or more just to undo the damage of the past two years.  This is the long haul; this is IF we can get conservatives in.  Two we lose, we do not regain control, what then?  That is when we have some very difficult decisions to make.  Do we finally stand up for ourselves, or do we resign ourselves to living in Liberal hell?  If we do take back Capitol Hill, I will warn everyone in advance, we will be taking a beating from the Left.  There will be riots, not may be riots, there will be riots.  The Left is a violent crowd.  They say we are but they know in their hearts we are not violent, however they are and they prove this again and again.  November will not be for the faint hearted.  November is going rock this nation in one direction or another, either direction is going to be ugly for conservatives.  I ask that you hang in there and keep your faith in God, for he does have a plan.

If you have made it this far, I thank you for your attention.  I need to mention that today was the upstart of the Lakeside Tea Party I do not have an email or web address.  Also “I didn’t vote for this Obamanation” could use your support at

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4 responses to “Nick Popaditch for Congress Tea Party Rally 9/18/2010

  1. Fine piece of writing HollyLamb….No much to disagree with…I met Nick Popaditch on 9-11 and can say for a fact….He is the real deal and if we had 534 more like the Gunny, we would have a County back on the right track…

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  3. EXCELLENT! Looks like a great day. When we look at the polls it does not look good for the patriots for sure. Just more RINO’s and Dems. God bless America and all the great patriots like yourself. thank you .

  4. I couldn’t help but notice that although Chelene’s booth was jammed with people all day and was the last to be packed up. Mega-RINO’s booth never had more than 2 people interested at any one time. She has absolutely no support, only people who find her less repugnant than Moonbeam.

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