The Beverly Hills Tea Party Sunday, September 26th 2010

This was a really great Tea Party.  Yes I say that every time, but this one was special.  It was special because it was in one of the most Liberal areas of the country, Beverly Hills, Ca or West LA as the people from the Pasadena area say.  Pat Boone was our Emcee and what a gracious man, a very spiritual man and I remember him from when I was a kid, though I mostly remember Debbie Boone and “You light up my life”.  The Party opened with an excellent impersonation of Patrick Henry by James Riley he has a 760 acre farm where he brings history to life for students.

A large contributor to this Tea Party was TEAPAC their website is lots of good information there.  This group has really taken a stand in the LA area, where most people fear dragging out conservative ideas.  Jonathan told a funny story that no one wanted to be a Precinct Leader so they decided to go with ‘Tupperware’ type tea parties.  Ladies holding Tea Parties at their homes and the idea really caught on, please visit their site.

Senator Bob McEwen (R) from Ohio gave such an incredible speech espousing the greatness of America.  It’s a speech you will want to hear.  Before him was Tamara Colbert, I hadn’t heard of her before today but her husband is running for office she again was reiterating the greatness of America.  I could not believe this kind of motivation, this kind of Pro-America coming out of California.  Isabell Perlinski a woman who emigrated from Cuba spoke and it gave me chills and brought tears.  People, you have no idea the struggles of the Cuban people.  No idea what is Socialism in its strictest form, she had a tragic tale that ended with hope in America.  It was real hope, not the kind marketed in 2008.

I’m pretty sure most of the rest of the country is clueless what it’s like to live in Communist California.  This once great beacon, this area of Promised Land has evolved over the last 40 years into a State that no longer adheres to the Constitution unless it’s convenient for them.  The rest of the country says “As goes California so goes the rest of the Country”, please, please do not believe this.  California is the Great Deception.  There is nothing here (except the extraordinary weather and scenery) that you couldn’t get better elsewhere.   California is in such deep financial trouble and the people are oblivious they are convinced that the Government is going to fix this.  To quote a great man in US history “Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the Problem”.  You can’t tell California that because they just keep, keeping on pressing us down the black hole of financial and moral ruin.  I fear that this great big Black Hole known as California is going to suck in the rest of the country.

Star Parker, what a great conservative here is her website, be sure to visit it donate if you can, we only have 35 days left.  This is a remarkable woman, a story you don’t hear often enough.  She is representing some of the worst areas of LA there is, Watts, Compton, the fact that this woman campaigns pounding the pavement in that area is in of itself Heroic.  She tells a moving story of how she turned her life around and how she is working to turn around the lives of other Black Americans.  She gets ‘it’; she sees how Marxism has destroyed the lives of Black Americans.  It hasn’t just destroyed the lives of White Americans but it has hit the Black population even harder.  Please visit her site to read her story.  I cannot do justice to her story; you need to hear it in her own words.

One thing that really stood out about this Tea Party in Beverly Hills is the sheer amount of speakers.  There were 15 speakers listed, but I would say it was double that.  I would put attendance at 250 Patriots. There were no problems; the BH PD had a large presence there but Beverly Hills for the most part is a serene area of LA.  I have to say this; Beverly Hills had some of the oddest people I have ever seen.  Not the people in attendance they were just like us regular Americans, it was the people on Rodeo Drive.  People dressed in clothes that I am unclear where they could have purchased items as such.  Oh my gosh I have to mention K Chocolatier we had a few alternative agendas in attending this Tea Party, one was going to Nate and Al’s Deli and the other was K Chocolatier a very upscale Chocolate Retailer.  The young girl behind the counter there was so accepting of our role in the Tea Party and she was encouraging us and told us that a lot of young people in BH were behind us.  I almost fell over, no really, I almost fell over.  We had all our signs and chairs with us and it closed at 5pm so we had to haul ash to get over there from the park.  We arrived at 4:57 and they close at 5pm.  She allowed us to come in the tiny little store and she dug out the samples for us.  I wish I had gotten her name a very lovely girl in the physical and heart realm.  The samples were pretty darned good, I didn’t like the chocolate covered orange slice but the other things I couldn’t name she allowed us to sample were very good!

Alfonso Rachel of was there; he is always entertaining and has been a catalyst for patriots.  Victoria Jackson formerly of SNL currently a hard core political activist entertained us with a message from her heart.  She did her “Communist in the White House” song but she filled in with personal messages that let you know she is on the side of America.   I had heard of Merlin Froyd, a young man running for congress on where I am a subscriber.  I was moved by his interview and wanted to go to the BH TP to support him.

I had no idea Andrew Breitbart was going to be there, so I was pleasantly surprised.  I was up close watching Star Parker and saw Andrew standing over by Lionel Chetwynd and David Horrowitz.   I snapped his picture because honestly I wasn’t sure if it was him or not.  I thought I had my 8Gb SD card in my flip cam, but umm no it was the 4GB and Andrew Spoke for 5 minutes and my camera cut off at the 2.12 min mark, so I missed half of it.  I love to listen to Andrew because he doesn’t hold back.  I’m a regular poster on his ‘Big’ sites, I post as Hollylamb.  I saw Andrew speak at Showdown in Searchlight and realized I could not get enough, I went over to the ‘Big’ sites and what a great site.

David Horowitz was there and spoke for a few minutes.  What I remember most is him saying that Osama bin Laden is dead.  Of course everyone wondered how he knew this, he said it with conviction, so he went on to explain “If Bin Laden were still alive, I would have seen him on Larry King”.  I laughed out loud.

You can see an abridged list of speakers at the rally here  It was suppose to be 2 till 4 but we went to 4:45pm and at the end a lot of the candidates and speakers had to put forward an abridged version of what they wanted to say.   All speakers waited in the hot, hot sun and 95 degree temperature.  I think I got heat exhaustion because the next day, Monday I began a business trip to Mexico and I was so sick.  Mental note:  wear hat next time.

Further mental note:  Bring pen and pad to get names of people.  I omitted speakers not because they are not important but as age creeps up the memory cells tend to flee.  There were two Black Reverends that spoke (no they were not Jesse and Al) Wayne Perryman and Jesse Peterson, both Godly men, strong conservatives, it was refreshing.  I got a kick out of Jesse Peterson, he’s from Alabama originally.  I know a lot of people from Alabama and I know they say Murcan.  It took me the longest time to figure out what Murcan was, but it’s so easy, it’s American.  When I heard him say Murcan I guessed he was from Alabama before he even said it.

Between my two cameras I have approximately 5GB of video and pictures.  If anyone is interested in viewing anyone of the 50 videos I shot you can email me a request and I will post it up on Youtube.

I guess there is room for a small video of Victoria Jackson.  I take small videos for several reasons.  1) Some people have short attention spans  2)  I have a short attention span  3)  they are easier to compress and upload

Here is Victoria Jackson, I have other small ones as well

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