Getting there is most of the fun, when you are going to the Arctic

Getting where you are going and the TSA

On Wednesday, December 8th I flew from San Diego to Milwaukee, WI.  With the TSA talk going on I was a bit anxious.  My anxiety doesn’t stem from terrorist attacks, more from the attack of our own government.  I don’t want some stranger seeing me naked, I didn’t want some stranger in Milwaukee seeing my daughter naked and x-raying her unborn child.  In a word:  Bastards.  Not the agents but Janet Incompetano and the head of the TSA John QLess.

My daughter flew from Milwaukee, WI to San Diego in October to visit me; I didn’t think anything of it.  I had no idea that while I had flown peacefully in September, in October something sinister was brewing.  Milwaukee had installed the TSA Porn Scanners.   When the news broke in November about the TSA Porn Scanners and Molestation Pat downs came to light, I talked to my daughter about it.  She told me that in Milwaukee she had been scanned and that it didn’t bother her, she felt is made us ‘safer’.  They did not explain to her that they are completely unaware the effects of these scanners on an unborn child, thus making the TSA agents radiation experts as well.  I spent some time thinking about that too.  If my daughter is not a terrorist they just spent untold amount of money scanning and endangering her.  How many non-terrorists did they scan?

I feel there are a lot of people who feel these molestations make us safer but they don’t.  TSA is made up of a group of people who are you and me, your grandmother and your neighbor across the street.  In other words, they don’t know Jack more than we do.  It’s like sending in the butcher to operate on your kidney.  How much different could it be than parting up an animal right?  Oh a big difference you say?   How much different can catching a terrorist be from listening for a beep in the metal detector or looking at you naked on a screen?  A big difference I say?   I’d trust the butcher to remove a kidney before I would consider the TSA keeping me safe from a terrorist attack.  A butcher AT LEAST has the basic understanding of cutting flesh a TSA agent doesn’t know squat about catching a terrorist.  Our enemy is one word:  Islam and the TSA are not allowed to use that word.  They are not allowed to identify our enemy even though time has shown our enemy is Islam and the Muslim adherents to it and now the converts to Islam.  So you think that the TSA can pick out a terrorist and save our @sses no, I’m sorry I don’t share that pipe dream, I’m mostly sober and the facts speaker louder than fiction.

Here I sit in Wisconsin 2300 miles from San Diego, for the most part homeless.  My sister is sick with full blown flu and I don’t want that, so I stayed at my friends house, but she is preparing to move so here I am in the coffee shop on the corner, it’s about 12 degrees outside and I can see snow on the ground wondering where I will stay tonight.  I now have to ask myself is battling the TSA worth coming back to WI to face sub freezing temperatures and sloshing through snow?  I would hate to think that the TSA and government won.  I can’t let them win, I can’t stop traveling but really, is it worth it to come back to a state I have despised the weather in for 20+ years.  I could use the TSA as an excuse, but then again, they win.  No, we cannot let them win.

I journeyed those 2300 miles yesterday, seems the gates 3 – 10 in the SD airport don’t have the Porn Scanners, I was able to go through a metal detector and all was well.  Coming back from Milwaukee may not be so pleasant, they have Porn Scanners and well all I can say is I may be reaching out to friends for bail and fine money.

I arrived in the Kansas City airport to change planes.  I had a 2 hour layover.  The way that KCI is set up is that the gates are all in a row and you have about 20 feet from where you get on the plane and where you would go into the terminal and have to pass through security again.  People changing planes and people that have already faced the TSA wait in this area.  I noticed an inordinate amount of TSA folks hanging about, and then I learned why.  The Southwest Agent announced that the TSA would be doing an extended search of the folks boarding.  They set up a plastic table.  Behind the table was a woman that I would equate with someone’s grandmother.  Not particularly brilliant, able to tie her shoes, but she looked like she’s more at home in a kitchen baking pies.  I would guess that her kids grew up and moved out, her husband is just a few years from retirement and she didn’t want to be bored at home.  What better reason to join the fight against terrorism, right?

The TSA agent picking candidates from the line was a big white man, tall and tubby.  He had an attitude of “Don’t mess with me” then one other TSA agent, a younger man, I’d put him at the late 20s.

They picked a total of 7 passengers to screen and I will admit up front the crowd boarding was 90% white, no doubt about it.  First one up was a white woman, she placed her bag on the table (I did not have camera out at the time) and the big man asked her about ID while the woman agent was rifling through her bag.  The TSA woman pulled out the woman’s wallet and opened it up.  My heart stopped, I was poised to get up and go over there.  That is a violation of all sorts, on closer inspection I think the grandmotherly TSA agent was being kind in an odd way, getting the woman’s ID for her.  They joked about it.  Honestly I could not hear them, I could only see them and the woman did not seem upset about the wallet maneuver.  Next one up was a white male; they searched his bag he too seemed to joke with them.  I scanned the line and I saw one black couple and I saw a clearly Middle Eastern mom, dad and child.  They looked so normal; I probably would not have picked them out either.

Next up was a young white male he looked dazed and confused and didn’t understand what was happening.  They thanked him, sent him off with a bewildered look on his face as if to say “WTF did I do?”  He looked about as far from a terrorist that I could imagine.  The second to last inspection was a Middle Eastern woman who looked thoroughly Americanized.

I don’t think I could even imagine her complaining about it later.  I don’t think I could even call her as a liberal she seemed so normal.

So who are the terrorists?  These passengers had already gone through security and now they were pulled randomly from a line of seemingly normal people wanting to get on their way.  This tall white tubby man, what are his qualifications at picking out terrorists?  It’s just random they say, well what the hell good does that do?  I can go up to random ATMs and hope I’ll find money sticking out of them, but it doesn’t meant it’s going to happen.  The TSA has just as good a chance of finding a terrorist as I do of finding $20 hanging out an ATM.

This concludes my rant.  You can view all of the videos I took at the longest is about 24 seconds.  I take short videos for two reasons 1)  Much easier to upload, however I still had to compress these so the quality is not very good.  Hey I was uploading them at the library via wireless  2)  Short videos are able to entertain even the most ADHD’s amongst us.

The comments in the video point out how 1 in 7 individuals secondarily screened weren’t white.  This does not make me racist this makes me a realist.  It is known that Islam wants to kill us, yet they continue to screen the majority of whites.  In this case, a Middle Eastern woman was scanned but as stated before, she did not look representative of terrorist at all.

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