The Pale Horseman


It was easiest to do this in blog format than try to upload everything to facebook and then try to organize it.
The photo is of how the ‘raw’ clip looks inside VideoPad video editor.  I do not claim to be any kind of expert or authority on video, I don’t even have the lingo down.  If you look at the ‘raw’ footage (I use quotes because I am not sure if it’s raw video, it could have been edited before getting to youtube, I cannot verify the authenticity of the footage).  The photo here shows the time of the clips, as you can see there are stops, most of the video flows perfectly until you get to where the ‘horseman’ appears.  You are in one scene and then suddenly it switches to another, this to me smells of previous editing, again I am no expert.  Now watch the clip of the horseman included.  It’s fuzzy because there is compression.  However at 7 seconds in the clip, pause it.  Look at the light pole to the left of the Horseman.  There is almost a perfect square formed with dots of light.  The top is seen at 7.0002 and then disappears behind the light pole at 7.0008.  That is at the top the dot of light below is seen more clearly.  Watch it several times, closely at the 6 second mark and you will see what I mean.  Keep your eyes to the left of the light pole.  The horseman footage to me seems to be imposed in the original clip.  I will edit this periodically as I look at it more.  If you want me to send the clip directly to you, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you.  Youtube might be fuzzy.

Edit:  I am working on getting a clear screen shot of what I am talking about and the doing a mark up of it.

***The video has stopped working.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s sign that I am wrong?  I re-uploaded the video and it still does not work.
***Update it appears to be working now, I think it was only my computer it wasn’t working on…..

***I believe this video was edited for the purpose of the Muslim people.  The Muslims believe that the Mahdi will return on a pale horse to kill those who will not submit to Islam.  If you want to search it look for the Legend of the Mahdi, Islam.  This is not new, just many Christians are not familiar with the Islamic beliefs.

Look at the circled area, then watch the footage

Time Line for Footage

Demo 2

Demo 1

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