The Sound of Freedom

Hello on this quiet Saturday evening, the 12th of February.

The United States Navy celebrated 100 years of Aviation this year.  I live in San Diego, we are a Military town, thank you Jesus for such a blessing.  There is no chance that it could have been a better day climate wise.  We are blessed in San Diego, for all the snow that has been going around, we haven’t gotten any of it.   It was a sunny, bright day not a cloud in the sky for this event.

The day started promising, I was in Starbucks and two men were discussing the Egypt headlines and one said to the other “Egypt has won, they are dancing in the streets” the other gentleman said to this one “They danced in the streets when Castro took over too”.    I thought ‘Score one for the good guys’.  Shortly after that I boarded the Orange Line Trolley bound for San Diego Bay.  It was crowded and two young men, about 18 were seated across from me.  An elderly couple boarded and these two young men offered up their seats to this couple.  I was truly touched.  Even the bum that had gotten on the train commended these two.  I thought “Score another one for the good guys”.

Aviation is a fun thing, not much is cooler than flying high above it all, in a craft of sorts, not drugs.  The elderly couple that the boys surrendered their seats for had on shirts with airplanes on them.  I suspected they too were headed to the bay.   I was correct and I listened to their conversation (you learn a lot when you listen).  They had purchased reserved seats on the Midway for this historic event.  I had planned to get off at Seaport Village, but they said the Midway was the place to go.

The Midway was really crowded so I decided not to board and opted instead to walk down to Seaport Village.   It was was packed, all of Harbor Drive was crammed with people.  The Shore Front walk was busy with Japanese tourists, street vendors, homeless people, pedi-cabs you name it, they were out there!  I stood in line at Ben and Jerry’s to get their over priced Sundae.  Ben and Jerry are two liberals whom I loathe but they do make good ice cream and it’s Seaport Village everything here is liberal.  How much is a two scoop sundae you ask?  It is $8.98 yes that is $9 for a two scoop sundae at Seaport Village.  They must have talked to Mooshell Obama, who told them to crank up the price of our pleasures, since they are just making us fat anyway.  The ice cream was Strawberry Cheesecake and Whirled Peace.   If Whirled Peace means more chocolate in my cup, I am all for it.

I had to get the sundae in there since I took a picture of it.  I still had 45 minutes to kill, so I headed back to the Midway thinking I would watch from Tuna Harbor.  I heard sirens on the way there and then saw a police officer handing an ID back to a Pedi-Cab driver.  On the ground was a large, gray man with handcuffs on.  I was going to take a picture but it didn’t look like the police would have been happy about that, so I opted not to and continued up the coast.  I passed a bench with an open seat on it and thought “Is that an available seat?”  It was and seated there were my new found friends Dan and his wife Chris.  Two very wonderful people, conservatives of course.  I’m always leery about talking to people in San Diego, in CA people are mostly liberal and we all know how I feel about liberals.   Dan and Chris informed me that the Pedi-Cab driver was instrumental in catching the flasher, the handcuffed man had been exposing himself at the event.

Dan is a commercial pilot and he’s pretty good with calling out the names of the planes, that was so helpful.  Chris is a lovely lady who made me feel very welcome.  It was nice to meet nice people in San Diego, genuinely nice people, smart  and informed people.  They are not originally from CA which is probably why the are genuinely nice and informed people.  I had so much fun with them, I hated for the day to end, but I was exhausted.  I get the title of this blog post from Dan.  I was filming a helicopter formation and a woman sitting near where I was standing said outloud “That’s our tax dollar hard at work” she said it sarcastically.  I knew what she meant, her comment was not lost on me.  I then had to inform her I’d much rather see my tax money like this than in so many other ways.  I went back to Dan and shared my experience and he said “To me, that’s the sound of freedom”.

The show was two hours and various planes flew over, most notably were the Harriers, 4 of them.  I have a fascination with the Harrier Jet.  It is an evil looking plane, it is the embodiment of “I’m gonna get you”.  I love them.  There were 4 of them flying, for me the Harrier says “I carry a big stick and plan to use it”.  I can’t imagine encountering a Harrier if I were engaged in battle with the US.  The helicopters were so cool, they flew over in formation, 8 to a formation.  They are so huge!  It was like I could reach out and touch them, but my camera didn’t feel that way.  I zoomed in and the videos are worthless.  Dan made a good point he said that if you are filming you can’t watch.  Now I missed out on both, a lot of the planes I didn’t get to see because I was filming and my filming turned out to be a disappointment.  I guess in another 100 years I can film it again?

Chris had gone back to Seaport Village to find water and while she was there she discovered being in Seaport Village was better than where we were sitting, so we went back to Seaport Village to watch the rest of the show.  The grand finale was to have about 50 jets fly over at one time in formation.  That did happen and that video turned out OK.  I’m going to post that video here.  Listen to it carefully, because you can hear the sound of freedom.

On an odd note, when I returned home,  my son told me that while he was at class today (police academy) the 50 plane formation flew over them.  One of the instructors asked the students “What’s that sound” to which they all replied “Planes!”.  The instructor informed them they were WRONG,  he told them “That is the sound of freedom”.  God is good isn’t he, when you think have something figured out, he confirms it for you.  All that tax money flying in the air IS the sound of Freedom.

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3 responses to “The Sound of Freedom

  1. Sound like you have a great day ! Let FREEDOM ring ! Great post HollyLamb !
    From the purr of your car to the roar of a screaming jet, it’s all about personal Freedom. That Freedom must be nourished, cherished and not taken for granted. Each generation must teach the next of it’s value or surely it will evaporate like contrails of an F-35….

  2. Wow, that was awesome! It must have been so impressive! I got choked up in the last video. I agree, The Sound of Freedom! I wish I could have been there with you!

    If that lady was so discussed with the thought of your tax dollars being used that way. Why was she there????

    I also like High Plains Drifters comment. Way to go!!

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