CA SB432 the Fitted Sheet Fiasco

I moved to California on July 5th, 2008, my job relocated me here and I arrived only with what I could fit into my car and into my daughter’s car, I came with grand hope in the Golden State.  Beautiful scenery, the gorgeous coast, the jagged mountains the expansive desert, California has it all rolled up into one State.  Prior to coming here, I would have considered myself a dozing moderate sheep

The late Great State of California our employment here is 2 points above the national average, we are in the top 4 for the number food stamp recipients.   Employers are fleeing the state at the rate of 5 per week and we have a debt of $26 billion and nearly a $trillion in unfunded pension liabilities and our Legislature is focused on WHAT?  Fitted Sheets?   Who will pay for SB432?   The hotel industry will bear much of the cost and some may say “So what” but it will also affect bed and breakfasts as well as the small Mom and Pop shops that can barely meet the payroll .  This legislation sites “there are studies that purport to show a higher rate of injury for hotel cleaning staff than the national average” I have yet to see these studies.  If the cost of hotels go up to meet this requirement the tourist trade may slump as well.  Why come to California when you can go to Florida.  This is my thought, lifting a mattress is not any heavier than most factory jobs.  If you can’t do heavy lifting then you should not be in that job.  This is clearly the Nanny State gone wild.  Dear Lord:  Please send us a miracle, love, The State of California.

California’s SB432 also encompasses a “Mop mandate”.   The California State Senate recently passed SB 432 which will require hotels to provide housekeepers with long-handled mops in order to prevent workers from having to bend down to clean floors.  I have a better idea; let’s get the California State Legislators to work in the hotels for the employees.  If the legislature is hell-bent on Nannying, let’s have them go to work for the hotel workers and allow the employees to stay home and collect a pay check.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Not any less believable than a government imposing a mandatory Fitted Sheet law.  Someone once said, “If you can imagine it, it is possible”.  The California State Legislature has been imagining a lot of things and it’s time for a ‘do-over’ can we get a ‘do-over’ please?  Can we get them out or most of them out in 2012?  We need to take this state back.

I heard about SB432 in May when it was first introduced, our 77th District Assemblyman Brian Jones spoke at our Woman’s group and mentioned it in passing and giggling he was listing several crazy bills that were being proposed.  I had a chance to get together with Brian Jones last night and he recalled talking about it and he again agreed it was foolish.  I checked with his staff and current The Fitted Sheet Fiasco bill is headed to the Assembly of Appropriations but it is currently suspended, the vote will be later this year.  I asked Brian how he was going to vote and it is a definite NO.  There is a movement under way to stop this bill from taking hold and NOW is the time to do it.  Petitions are the only weapon that We the People of the State of California have to fight back with.  We have elected in a monster that keeps eating our freedoms and our jobs.  Click here to learn how to Defeat SB432

A Brian Jones Staffer made several good points last night, my favorite being, why stop at mandating sheets?  They should push for 800 thread count too.  That sounds silly, but not as silly as the idea that a State with high unemployment, high debt and high taxes would create such a job killing bill.  None of this makes sense.  My brain starts to cramp when I think of adults sitting around in a room thinking this is a good idea.  If we want to protect each and every person from ever being harmed, let’s just go completely Socialist.  We can have people stay home and watch TV and allow only a select few have a job and have a life outside of their living area.  Oh wait, that is what we already have.  Does anyone out there ‘get it’?  I can’t be the only person in the State of California that is pulling my hair out regarding the direction this state is going, not even going, it’s GONE.  If California were its own country, Greece would look like Switzerland compared to us.  A few weekends ago, London was literally burning.  I don’t feel I would be over the line in saying that is headed to California.  Our population will rise up against Austerity measures if We the sane People don’t rise up and address the growing Socialism problem.

How long can the working people in California afford to support the non-working?  How many job killing bills must we endure that keep people from working?  When will our Representatives start making an effort to pay down our debt and cut taxes to bring employers back?  We the sane People need to gather and attempt to force real change in our legislature before we lose everything.

I ask, I dare anyone reading this to get active in taking back this state.  I know it seems hopeless and for the most part California is doomed, however do you really want that to be your final answer?  Please move.  Please step out of your comfort zone.  Please go to the petition sites and get active with them.  The progressive liberals did not take over, over night, it was a gradual process, but they do not yet hold all the keys to our prison.

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