California SB568 and Sustainable Development

Greetings residents of Commifornia!  If you are reading this, hopefully you are a conservative, if not…you are probably on the wrong page, but that’s OK, stay for a moment and see if this information is helpful to you.   We all know that Google, like Facebook is owned, designed and operated by constitution hating, progressive liberal policy loving Elitists.  When I want to research the CA Senate Bills, I always have to wade through the lies of the mentally ill on the left to get to the truth.  In short I am doing the heavy lifting for you on this one.

I’m going to let the economy killers have the first go at this debate.  They will have exactly two paragraphs.  Here is the text of Senate Bill 568   and here the Greenies give you their misleading facts on SB568(P).  “SB 568 would prohibit a food vendor or restaurant on or after January 1, 2014 from dispensing prepared food to a customer in a polystyrene foam food container (a.k.a. Styrofoam). The compliance date for public schools is July 1, 2015.”  How kind of them to give us nearly 4 years, so then what is the point?   Why not put the guns to our heads right now?  Who here likes a slow death?

Supporters of the SB568

Supporters of this bill:  The Greenies say:  “The bill would also allow a school district that has a verifiable recycling program and recycles more than 60% of its foam foodware to continue to dispense food in foam after the ban goes in effect.”  “SB 568 would reduce the amount of polystyrene foam in the waste stream and environment.”   Take Action: “Write to your Assembly Member here and urge their support of this bill at the next vote.”    Dangers of Polystyrene Foam “Public health is also impacted by the use of all polystyrene food containers. Styrene can migrate from polystyrene containers into food and beverages when heated or in contact with fatty or acidic foods. Styrene residues are found in 100% of all samples of human fat tissue. Styrene is a carcinogen in lab animal testing, a potential human carcinogen and a neurotoxin

Where SB568 Stands in Sacramento

Ok, they have had enough to say…we can see their side.  They are excited to be taking the life blood of a fast food joint and spilling in the streets.   If you want to learn more about being a green-commie in California you can go here:  Californian’s against waste there you can see for yourself how badly they want California to become a 3rd world country while the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore parade around in Jets.  Folks, it’s for the kids, remember that.

God calls us to be good stewards, of everything.  We should be good stewards of our money, of our lives and probably even the earth.  I like to think I am a good steward of all three, I recycle when possible, I avoid over use of things such as napkins, plastic cups, etc.  I reuse my store plastic bags, by using them as garbage bags.  Most of us do this, granted there is some that over use everything but isn’t there a bad banana in every bunch?  I will also give the greenies this, they are right if we are not careful we will make our habitats unpleasant to live in.  I can accept that, it is logical.

Our environment is cleaner that it was in the 50s, 60s and 70s we no longer have Lake Erie dead and the Cuyahoga River on fire.  We simply do not have the environmental issues that we had.  We have done a remarkable job cleaning up our messes.  What the greenies are asking for is much more than what God asks of us.  He wants us to be good stewards; the Greenies want us to cease to exist.  They use words like ‘Sustainable’.  When you hear the word ‘Sustainable’ what they are really saying is “We will control your life”.  From the CAW website they say “In a modern age such as this, we can barely go about our lives without leaving our mark, so to speak. There is always hope to cut back our impact on climate change” What they really mean to say is “Don’t step any where unless we tell you it’s OK.”

NO PRESSURE Click this link to watch a short video of what they really mean when they say ‘No Pressure’

Space limitations keeps me from going too deep on  ‘Sustainable Development’ so I will use the words Agenda 21, when you hear ‘Sustainable Growth or Development’ equate it with Agenda 21.  Do not be fooled by their implied intentions, the United Nations is using Agenda 21 to control our lives it starts with entities such as Californians Against Waste.  These groups pump money into lobbies to press for legislation such as SB568.  Legislation like SB568 pushes us closer to ‘The Sustainables’ which dictate to us what we can do, where we can live, how we can live OR IF we should live.  Sounds like a conspiracy theory?  It’s not, it’s real and it’s at full blown status here in California.  Agenda 21 did not start with the current Administration, even though they are propelling us to it faster than any other administration, it started with the first Bush.  I urge you to click this link to learn about Agenda 21, it’s a PDF outlining ‘Sustainable Lifestyles’, it’s a pact with the UN.

It is so important that we elect officials that are against implementing Agenda 21 or we will lose our Freedom as Americans.  A Republican does not mean Conservative.  The first Bush thought Agenda 21 was a good idea, Clinton loved the idea even more, GW I think he didn’t give it much thought (not giving him a pass either) but the current administration, the biggest culprit being Hilary Clinton (in MHO).   We are in real trouble here in California, we are in real trouble in America.  Please, get involved now, while we can still make a difference.  I have a friend, Barb she speaks on Agenda 21 here in Socal.  She has a facebook page called My Beloved America.  She is passionate on this subject and can answer any questions that you have.

Be wary of any conservative that uses the word Sustainable they are simply saying, “we will have you living in Urban Bubbles, working where we tell you or not working if we tell you.”  Why do you think a President would think that 99 weeks of unemployment would be a good thing?  If you are not working, you are dependent on the government, if you are dependent on the government, moving to Agenda 21 housing will be an easy move.  This Administration does not want to stop entitlement spending, they want to raise taxes to cover entitlement spending.  Why?  A dependent America is a pliable America.  Why would our government want to hurt us?  Don’t they have our best welfare at heart?  No, they don’t.  They do want to see a one world government where the people answer to a centralized government and people live not on their own property but property owned by an entity that could put you out if you don’t obey.  Yes they do.  A one world government would only benefit a few and would ultimately be the destruction of all of us, at the price of a few elites being wealthy and powerful.  Power and Pride corrupt the soul.

If you still believe it’s a conspiracy theory, I can do nothing about that, however if you are curious check out what the Intellictual Conservative has to say about it, there is a video.  Time to get the Liberals out of Sacramento.  Time to get freedom loving conservatives elected and that can only be done by We the People.

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2 responses to “California SB568 and Sustainable Development

  1. Great piece of passionate writing Robin..We need more people to get involved against big government incursion against our freedom. First it was SUVs, then lightbulbs, now useful polystyrene…Where will it end?…

    Big middle finger to any “greenies”….

    • Thank you Warren. I found some typos that I corrected and some links were broken, I fixed those too. Agenda 21 is very real, I hope you got a chance to look at the signed pact the US has with the UN on Sustainable development. Many people still consider this a conspiracy theory but it’s not, it’s as real as the constitution…and equally ignored by big government believers

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