Occupy San Diego

They are the 99%?  I guess I am one of the 1%

I’m the first to admit; I’ve not paid close attention to ‘Occupy Wall Street’ in New York or elsewhere, why give credence where there is no credibility.  I took an interest when I viewed a video by Jesse Watters that was so funny, I had to believe it was a spoof, but it wasn’t.  Occupy San Diego has become just one in a string of ‘Occupies’ and isn’t any more or less important than the others except that San Diego is where I live.

I hopped on the Trolley today at Grantville Station and rode downtown San Diego with hopes of catching my own Occupy video like Jesse Watters did.  I couldn’t find them, that is until Bonnie from Facebook sent me a message where they were.  I didn’t know that they had marched yesterday, Friday the 7th; I thought they were marching for the first time today.  I was on the trolley headed to the Civic Center when a stretch of orange tents caught my eye, I thought to myself “either the homeless have decided to shop at REI or that is Occupy San Diego”.  I got off at the Sea Port Village stop and there they were in Children’s Park, next to the Children’s Museum.

What a site to see, the beautiful pool with its sparkling blue water and tall Palms surrounding it and gathered at its edge the unsightly mass of orange and green tents.  It was a contradiction without speaking words.  A group of young men from Carlsbad were disassembling a large orange tent and I asked them “Are you setting up a jumpy house?” This seemed to baffle them as if I were speaking Latin.  They looked at each other for an answer and decided it would be best to ignore me.  I’m not offended; I found it to be a good thing.  This was just the beginning of my quest for non-answers.

What can be said of a movement that embraces the young and old hippy alike?  It was a peaceful bunch, the kind of forced peace you get with a treaty, you could tell that just beneath the surface of the loving and affection they were professing, lie a desire to force each and every person in the US to Socialism, not knowing that once they attained that goal, they’d be pissing and moaning about it trying to change it.  I was not comfortable with this crowd, I felt like an ice sculpture in a punch bowl surrounded by floating turds.  The situation at Children’s Park among the Occupiers of San Diego was so disorganized I had to wonder if someone had taken a Tea Party and turned it inside out.  It was the antithesis to a Tea Party or to attending the Sharron Angle event last night.  The event last night it was Comradery at Occupy San Diego it was Komradery .

Who is at the top of the food chain?

Maybe it’s just me, because I don’t think like them, because I can’t see Socialism as a solution, it’s possible that clouds my judgment and forces me to see evil where it does not exist.  NAH that was a fleeting thought, there is only Right and Wrong, Capitalism is Right, Socialism is Wrong.  If Socialism were Right Jesus would have told the Disciples “Go ye therefore to all nations forcing them to believe in me”.  If Socialism were the right thing then the bible would tell us to let the government take care of the poor and the needy, it tells US, you ‘n me to take care of the poor and needy.  The Israelites demanded a King and I believe this was the start of their big problems, instead of trusting in God and themselves they demanded a King and they got 4000 years of misery out of that.  Socialism is a failed science experiment, no matter who is conducting that experiment it’s going to fail.

I saw enough today to convince me that Occupy Wall Street is a Socialist Movement and it has nothing to do with freedom whatsoever.  The women today frightened me, not because they were scary looking but because they reminded me of drones, zombies really.  Middle aged to older women dressed like hippies espousing radical leftist thoughts.  One woman in particular I’d put her at 60 with her husband and two dogs, both dogs were adorned with signs.  I asked the woman if one of the dogs was an Irish Wolfhound and she snapped at me “It’s a Golden Snoodle” (as if I’d know my snoodle from a hole in the ground right?).  I followed her for awhile and she was chanting with the crowd boisterously and I think if she would have had a whip, she would have been cracking it.  I pray those dogs were her only offspring.

I have amassed a collection of pictures and video that I am going to direct you to.  See for yourself what was there and come to your own conclusion.  Are you one of the 99% or are you one of the 1%.  Could those statistics be flawed?  Could the Occupy bunch be mistaken when they say “There is a 99% chance you are one of us”.  I will never be one of them; I will be tarred, feathered, strapped to a pole and set aflame before I join them.  Freedom isn’t free and it doesn’t come through re-distribution of wealth, it comes from people trusting enough in God and themselves to define it and then fight for it.  My visit with this hodge podge group of intellectually mediocre folk ended with a march that included a drum beat and chanting that was lead by various individuals.  I will put the clips below.  Enjoy!

Photos of today’s event
Donna Speaks Out (honestly I still have no idea what she was saying)
Zionists and 9-11
Student Loans
End the Fed Part I
End the Fed Part 2
Banks got bailed out Chant
This is what Democracy looks like
The People United will never be Divided
Whose Streets?


4 responses to “Occupy San Diego

  1. We have socialists in the group, but most people here (myself included) are not socialists. As convenient as that label may be to tar and feather people, it’s just not accurate.

    • America was built on Capitalism and it’s been a success for 200+ years. Occupy is not the answer, returning to our constitutional roots is the answer. The banks are capitalists but when you have Congress regulating banks problems occur. People have lost their homes because they were not able to afford them in the first place. Personal responsibility is key, no one forced loans on the people who lost their homes. Banks did not put guns to their heads. If you are not a socialist then you are marching with the wrong crowd. Words like Occupy, Eat the Rich, Equality they are all socialist words. Watch this 9 minute video it will explain that we could take the profit from all corporations and still not make a dent in the debt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=661pi6K-8WQ it’s a great video and it lays it out how there is not enough rich people in this country to pay off our debt. SD Protestor it sounds like you are brighter than the average person I saw there please understand you are hanging with a dangerous crowd who want and are demanding socialism. This video is a reformed Liberal and she explains how she came to understand that Liberalism is not the answer. This woman’s story is the real awakening. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8IyJ5xNZ7o

  2. Good post Holly..These socialists who make up this phoney movement, will not stop until there is real violence and death. I see many with mask, a sure sign the situation is quickly degenerating into an angry mob..

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