California AB144 Ban of Open Carry

The Responsible Citizens of California member Sam Wolanyk was the Star at today’s Open Carry Meet Up.  I was given several names for the gathering today and I’m uncertain exactly who was hosting it, who thought of it, what I do know is that we need more of them.   Sam is somewhat of a local celebrity and he is one hot dude.  In 2008 Sam was open carrying in Mission Beach when a citizen called him in.  The police arrived and behaved like ignorant savages clearly uneducated in the Constitution, but that is typical of California.  You can read the story of Sam’s False Arrest here.  Sam won a $35K lawsuit against the San Diego Police Department and where I am not someone to engage in litigation I’m happy to know that Sam did, as I know this forced the PD to better understand our rights.

Another of Sam’s claim to fame is the infamous stripping down to his underwear for the TSA you can read that story here it was all over the San Diego News.  That expression of freedom has cost him financially but I understand his passion for freedom, you can’t put a price tag on it.  I never heard of Sam before this past Thursday night, but I did the research today and I like what I have read and the videos I’ve watched.  A man this passionate about freedom is someone I want to call friend.

I learned of this gathering the prior Wednesday night, October 19th at a meeting of the minds at Andre’s on Morena Blvd.  Tink got up to announce it; Tink’s a quiet guy with lotsa gun knowledge and a unique humble quality that isn’t always associated with a gun owner.  Tink has a website and it’s called Escondido Open Carry and they are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of our 2nd Amendment Rights, guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Tink is in this slide deck (pix)

Governor Jerry Moonbeam errr Governor Clown oh geez I mean Jerry Brown Governor of California has recently signed 3 anti gun bills into law.  The bill that brought about today’s rally was AB144 which is the open carry ban.  Years ago (if you know when, please let me know) there was a law passed in CA that stated (Credit to commenter Matt–>) In 1967 the Mulford Act was introduced in CA and it stated that your weapon had to be unloaded to open carry which is silly but the magazines could be loaded and holstered for easy access.  Now the open carry of an unloaded weapon will be banned on January 1st 2011.  The Meet Up event today was to bring awareness of AB144 and how it violates our US Constitutional right to bear arms.

I went to the forum board and was sadly disappointed.  I did not read all the forums I concentrated on the ones relating to today’s open carry event.  The posters in that thread at were unhappy about today’s demonstration.  Now that I think of it, I recently purchased a gun and while making that purchase at Discount Gun Mart in Santee, the manager said he was glad the open carry had been banned.  What he had said to me was being echoed at  Why?  There was some blather about maybe now Jerry Clown would allow Concealed Carry that thought is sillier than carrying an unloaded weapon openly.  Mr. Moonbeam during his campaign touted his record on being pro-gun.  The posters at advocated for Jerry Brown for Governor.    Calguns was wrong and they are still promoting Jerry Brown, what gives guys?

An avid gun owner, friend of mine and co-worker voted for Jerry Brown because Calguns was promoting Mr. Brown for Governor.  I agree Meg Whitman would have been an equally bad choice but Jerry Brown is one of the key players of why California is so badly deteriorated.  Jerry Brown will never OK concealed carry, Jerry Brown can no longer say he is pro-gun; Jerry Brown should step down or be recalled.  The people at Calguns should be realistic and realize that if we don’t STEP UP and OUT of the pastures guns will only be in Museums with some old men telling tales of how people use to carry them for protection but now the people of California willingly give into a criminal because they are helpless to defend themselves.

When I go back to get the Pink Camo AR 15 I recently purchased, after the 10 day waiting period, I am going to tell the manger there what a fool he is to think AB144 is a good thing.  Any violation of a constitutional right is another freedom destroyed by bureaucrats.  There never should have been an ‘unloaded open carry’ it should be open carry, the second amendment tells us “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

California, you need to wake up, they are coming for our guns, they are coming for our children (read the blog entitled California and the Garadasil Bill and SB48) they are coming for your land (read the article entitled California and Private Property Rights) they are coming for your money (Occupy San Diego).  We can’t keep our heads in the sand any longer and using the excuse that ‘unloaded open carry’ was dumb anyway, just will not do.  If you don’t stand up for yourself who do you think is going to?  Some official who is elected year after year because he can’t get a real job?  Evil will prevail if good men do nothing.

Misc videos I collected today

Jesus vs Guns Ultimately I found out he was against guns, not Jesus the guy in the video.

Trouble Maker I was told by members of the Open Carry Club from Inland Empire that this person was suggesting doing violent things.  I reported him, but as soon as I questioned him, he took off.

Chapter President of South Bay Open Carry speaks briefly about the Seal Beach Murders

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10 responses to “California AB144 Ban of Open Carry

  1. While citizen use of the 2nd Amendment does in fact lower street crime, it’s main function, is to allow US regular citizens to protect ourselves from a repressive, jack-booted government.
    Without such 2nd Amendment guarantees, all the words in the Constitution, are just empty words. Subject to the whims of power-hungry demagogues.
    “Concealed carry” for ALL law-abiding, able bodied, who wish to carry.
    A free Republic depends on it..

  2. The Seal Beach massacre was horrible beyond words. Done by a sick, insecure coward, who used a firearm to destroy 8 innocent lives and countless lives connected to them. That being said, the big picture on personal firearm availability, is deranged individuals will sometimes, abuse this important privilege. But protection from a tyrannical government’s denial of personal, God-given rights, overrides the truly sad and destructive occasional Seal Beach-type occurrance

    • One thing a criminal will not do, is to open carry. The good guys open carry, criminals don’t. The lack of education of the California citizens about guns is appalling. Sam Wolynak was unjustly arrested for having an unloaded weapon strapped on, how many criminals were stopped for open carry? None. The problem in California is the people, the are all so excessively nannied they have no idea who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

  3. Open carry of unloaded firearms was in response to the Black Panther movement. Its a racist law.

    Ann, you are correct. If there was someone in there that was legally open carrying or CCW, they most likely would have been able to take action and save some lives. Every open carry person I know would respond to preserve life, theirs and others, in the event something like this did happen in their presence. Because as recent events have clearly demonstrated, cops cant be everywhere.

    • There is a video of a woman testifying at an Anti Gun Law hearing on Capitol Hill and she was told her testimony was irrelevant. She had been in a restaurant with her parents celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary when a man drove his truck through the window and opened fired on the patrons. This woman normally carried a gun in her purse but because concealed carry was against the law she started to feel guilty and had been leaving her gun at home. She said it only took seconds for the shooter to drop out a 10 round mag and pop in a new one, but it would have been enough time for her to shoot him but she had no gun. Her 79 year old dad decided to charge the guy and he was shot in the chest. The woman knew she had to get her mother out of there so she told her mom she would create a diversion and they would run through a broken window behind them. The woman created the diversion and went to grab her mom but she was gone. The mother had gone to be with the dad and was shot and killed also. If this woman hadn’t felt guilty about breaking the law, she would have had her gun in her purse and countless lives including her parents would have been saved. Criminals don’t open carry and crazy people have to be stopped. I cry ever time I tell that story because I think of how it could have ended so differently

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