Grinding California Down Part I

The Grinding down of California

I borrowed a lot of what I am about to cover from a movie I saw Saturday, including the title to this entry. The movie was put on by the North County Conservatives at a Senior Center in Escondido, I mention this because there was a lot of work put into this event and organizers never get enough credit. The movie is Agenda: Grinding America Down written and produced by Curtis Bowers who was appointed by the Governor to the Idaho State Legislature in 2007.  He decided as part of his duty he should write a monthly letter to the editor. In 2008 he remembered a meeting of the Communist Party USA he was asked to attend in 1992 and decided to write his letter on that. That letter outlined the goals of the Communist Party USA from 1992 and it caused quite a stir in Idaho.  Curtis was on hand to take questions and sign copies of his movie.

I live in SoCal that is Southern California. The people of SoCal are some of the most fortunate yet at the same time unfortunate people in the country. I once told someone “I live in San Diego, why would I want to go to freakin Hawaii?” and that’s how I feel. I never believed in the past that one day I would leave the frigid Mid-West to live in San Diego, CA America’s finest city. It is gorgeous here; the weather is always nice even when the weather is bad it’s nice. I live on the side of a mountain overlooking a valley. I can go 16 miles west and be at the beach or go 30 miles east and be in the desert.  In January, February or March I can have Sunshine, drive 50 miles east and be in the snow. The people who settled California must have felt that they had found paradise.

California is under attack and it has been, I can’t tell you how long, I only moved here 3.5 years ago. I do know that America has been under attack since the 1930s and I would say that California has been undergoing a subversive change since the 1960s. In an uneducated guess I think it’s been since the 20s here in California when the artists started building beach homes in La Jolla. I went to visit a historical site a few weeks ago and read a story about Artists coming from Europe to live at the beach, bringing their advanced European Socialist ideals.

Our enemy has breached the borders, they have sneaked in, in broad daylight, and they were brought here by bus, by plane and by automobile. Our enemy lives, works and plays amongst us. I am not speaking of Illegal Aliens or Militant Muslims our enemies are the very officials we have elected to enforce our constitution and to represent us in Sacramento, our enemy has destroyed us from within. California as a State is no longer capable of making rational decisions our judgment is no longer sane, how can we survive when the inmates are running the asylum?

The prisons in California are overcrowded it was decided in May that 30,000 prisoners had to be released.  California is a state of 36 million legal residents and of these legal residents only 32,000 have qualified for a concealed carry permit, that means only 32,000 people can carry a concealed hand gun with them. We do have open carry of a hand gun until January of 2012, then at which time we will be rendered defenseless while 30,000 more criminals walk our streets. This is one example of how California has been ground down by the Left. The idea of what is right is now wrong, that which is wrong is now hailed as right. What do I mean? More criminals will be on the street, while we are no longer able to legally carry a gun to defend ourselves that is SB144. Children as young as 12 can seek an injection from a clinic for a sexually transmitted disease without their parent’s consent thanks to AB499 however SB746 forbids a child under 18 from visiting a tanning booth or bed. Huh? Why are there no massive protests in Sacramento? Why are there students standing around in parks screaming obscenities at Wall Street but in California in our families its business as usual.

We have been desensitized to what is right, it no longer matters because it’s all relative. We have been broken down systematically over the last 50 to 90 years by the enemy from within. You reading this, can you distinguish between right and wrong or do you answer that it depends on the circumstances? Since when is it ever right to promote promiscuity for our children? Since when is it ever right to release criminals then take away our right to defend ourselves? Since when is it OK to give a criminal a free education and deny that to a lawful, legal resident?  SB131 is the DREAM ACT for California, where an already over burdened state in debt $26 billion dollars with a Trillion $$ in unfunded pensions is going to provide a free college education for non-citizens of the USA. When is it right to steal from one person to give to another?  Depends?

When I mention the Left I am referring to the Useful Idiots of the Communist Party USA. Useful Idiots are anyone who promotes the Agenda of the Communists or believes that Socialism is better than Capitalism.  Vladimir Lenin, the Founder of the USSR coined the term Useful Idiots “Lenin put it another way, often saying that capitalist dupes “will sell us the rope with which to hang them.” He called them “the useful idiots.””  Now the Capitalists are fighting to hang on while the Democrat Useful Idiots sell us out, using Capitalism and our Constitution against us.

Socialism has one goal and that is Communism. Is Communism dead?  There are more members of the Communist Party now than there ever has been. One of the things the members are doing is not using the name Communist or Socialist as they have a bad connotation.  The Republican Party has slid so far left that they are at left of center, but the Democrat Party has moved so far left they have become the Useful Idiots. Communism succeeds because the people promoting the ideas are not Communists. It’s the Grandma Baby Boomer from the 1960s saying that redistributing the wealth is a good idea.  It’s easier to accept that from Grandma rather than from a Crazy man with a funny mustache shouting at crowds of people.

Promoters of Socialism or Communism, also known as the Useful Idiots are now trying to move away from the word Liberal toward the word Progressive as it sounds nicer. The movie Agenda: Grinding America Down has some incredible information that, most of us probably have seen, just never realized how it all ties in together.  Why would the Left be promoting socialism? Simple, they are either ignorant or evil. I believe many of the Useful Idiots to be ignorant, but those of the Communist Party USA are evil. In 1958 the author of the 5 Thousand Year Leap, authored a book called The Naked Communist, in that book he outlined the 45 goals of the Communist Party, all of the applicable goals have been fulfilled here in California. Literally the Communist Party USA is steps away from capturing the USA and creating the USSA; I feel the Communist Party USA has already captured California.

So what’s wrong with Socialism? What’s wrong with making everyone equal? The problem with Socialism is it leads to Communism.  So what’s wrong with Communism?  Why can’t Big Government just provide for us? Communism has killed more people in the 20th Century than in all the preceding centuries combined.   One hundred thirty million dead at the hands of Communism, people lead to the slaughter via Socialism. There is no God in Communism, Man decides your fate, Man declares you worthy or unworthy, Man with his flawed thought and off centered mind decides if you eat or work or live or die. Communism has never benefited society, only the few who control the system. History has shown us that Socialism fails and that Communism is deadly, however these same failed, deadly policies are being taught in your children’s School and Universities at this very moment.  These policies are being implemented daily in Sacramento and in Washington.  This isn’t our Dad’s cold war, this enemy has already entered and is nearly complete with it’s destruction of the greatest Country that ever existed.  The time to wake up is now.

I will have Part 2 done shortly.  Thanks for reading.

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One response to “Grinding California Down Part I

  1. Great job, Holly…the enemy within is indeed among US. It’s so sad what’s happened to California…the dupes are everywhere …

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