CA SB432 the Fitted Sheet Fiasco

I moved to California on July 5th, 2008, my job relocated me here and I arrived only with what I could fit into my car and into my daughter’s car, I came with grand hope in the Golden State.  Beautiful scenery, the gorgeous coast, the jagged mountains the expansive desert, California has it all rolled up into one State.  Prior to coming here, I would have considered myself a dozing moderate sheep

The late Great State of California our employment here is 2 points above the national average, we are in the top 4 for the number food stamp recipients.   Employers are fleeing the state at the rate of 5 per week and we have a debt of $26 billion and nearly a $trillion in unfunded pension liabilities and our Legislature is focused on WHAT?  Fitted Sheets?   Who will pay for SB432?   The hotel industry will bear much of the cost and some may say “So what” but it will also affect bed and breakfasts as well as the small Mom and Pop shops that can barely meet the payroll .  This legislation sites “there are studies that purport to show a higher rate of injury for hotel cleaning staff than the national average” I have yet to see these studies.  If the cost of hotels go up to meet this requirement the tourist trade may slump as well.  Why come to California when you can go to Florida.  This is my thought, lifting a mattress is not any heavier than most factory jobs.  If you can’t do heavy lifting then you should not be in that job.  This is clearly the Nanny State gone wild.  Dear Lord:  Please send us a miracle, love, The State of California.

California’s SB432 also encompasses a “Mop mandate”.   The California State Senate recently passed SB 432 which will require hotels to provide housekeepers with long-handled mops in order to prevent workers from having to bend down to clean floors.  I have a better idea; let’s get the California State Legislators to work in the hotels for the employees.  If the legislature is hell-bent on Nannying, let’s have them go to work for the hotel workers and allow the employees to stay home and collect a pay check.  Sounds ridiculous right?  Not any less believable than a government imposing a mandatory Fitted Sheet law.  Someone once said, “If you can imagine it, it is possible”.  The California State Legislature has been imagining a lot of things and it’s time for a ‘do-over’ can we get a ‘do-over’ please?  Can we get them out or most of them out in 2012?  We need to take this state back.

I heard about SB432 in May when it was first introduced, our 77th District Assemblyman Brian Jones spoke at our Woman’s group and mentioned it in passing and giggling he was listing several crazy bills that were being proposed.  I had a chance to get together with Brian Jones last night and he recalled talking about it and he again agreed it was foolish.  I checked with his staff and current The Fitted Sheet Fiasco bill is headed to the Assembly of Appropriations but it is currently suspended, the vote will be later this year.  I asked Brian how he was going to vote and it is a definite NO.  There is a movement under way to stop this bill from taking hold and NOW is the time to do it.  Petitions are the only weapon that We the People of the State of California have to fight back with.  We have elected in a monster that keeps eating our freedoms and our jobs.  Click here to learn how to Defeat SB432

A Brian Jones Staffer made several good points last night, my favorite being, why stop at mandating sheets?  They should push for 800 thread count too.  That sounds silly, but not as silly as the idea that a State with high unemployment, high debt and high taxes would create such a job killing bill.  None of this makes sense.  My brain starts to cramp when I think of adults sitting around in a room thinking this is a good idea.  If we want to protect each and every person from ever being harmed, let’s just go completely Socialist.  We can have people stay home and watch TV and allow only a select few have a job and have a life outside of their living area.  Oh wait, that is what we already have.  Does anyone out there ‘get it’?  I can’t be the only person in the State of California that is pulling my hair out regarding the direction this state is going, not even going, it’s GONE.  If California were its own country, Greece would look like Switzerland compared to us.  A few weekends ago, London was literally burning.  I don’t feel I would be over the line in saying that is headed to California.  Our population will rise up against Austerity measures if We the sane People don’t rise up and address the growing Socialism problem.

How long can the working people in California afford to support the non-working?  How many job killing bills must we endure that keep people from working?  When will our Representatives start making an effort to pay down our debt and cut taxes to bring employers back?  We the sane People need to gather and attempt to force real change in our legislature before we lose everything.

I ask, I dare anyone reading this to get active in taking back this state.  I know it seems hopeless and for the most part California is doomed, however do you really want that to be your final answer?  Please move.  Please step out of your comfort zone.  Please go to the petition sites and get active with them.  The progressive liberals did not take over, over night, it was a gradual process, but they do not yet hold all the keys to our prison.


California’s SB48 aka The Equality Act

I will approach this first from the State’s side.  I don’t normally do that, I am a hard core Christian Conservative clinging to my God and many guns.  I don’t feel there is a ‘State’ there is only We the People governing ourselves via elected Representatives.  I am setting the stage for you, if that second sentence offended you, then it’s time to flee right now.

FAIR Education Act is what Sacramento is calling SB48.  They thank the 18,000 Sheeple of California for passing it and they tout it as “An important bill!”  This is what they declare “The FAIR Education Act has been passed and signed by the Governor. Thank you to the more than 18,000 people who asked their legislators and the Governor to support this important bill!”  This is the link to the Bill, for those who want to read it.  Please keep in mind California has a population of an estimated 36 million people.

The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act would amend the Education Code to include social sciences instruction on the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. This bill would also prohibit discriminatory instruction and discriminatory materials from being adopted by the State Board of Education.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Sounds like in an ideal world where we can command and regulate emotion and decide what is ‘Fair’ for the greater good.  I am only allowed about 950 words for this entry and my explanation of ’Fair’ goes beyond a thousand words.  You can define ‘Fair’ however you wish for this entry.  Let’s focus on the word discriminatory, its first known use was in 1828 and Webster defines it as “not fair: unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people”.  I pose this question to the reader:  Is life fair?  Can you name an absolute situation of fairness?

Is it fair that the tax payers of California have to pay for the re-writing of 100s of Thousands text books so we can be Fair?  California is $26 Billion + in the hole.  Is it fair to students that they be forced to know which historical figure is Homosexual or Transgender rather than just knowing what their role in history was?   Why is there no legislation to have our Country’s real history published?  This is fodder for a separate entry, the history taught to your child is deliberately inaccurate.   You have to ask yourself this question, why is it so important to a very small percentage of the population to force their sex life upon the rest of us?  My motto is “Keep your bedroom out of my face and I will keep my face out of your bedroom”.

If America is in trouble, California is beyond hope.  Five employers leave California every week; the legal skilled labor force is leaving even faster and Sacramento is passing costly legislation designed to tout sexual practices of historical figures?  No one finds this absurd?  This year 725 new laws were enacted in California, that is down from last year, I will give them that but 725 new laws to further burden the already over burden tax payer and SB48 comes to us in the name of FAIRNESS.  What about jobs?

SB48 Goes too far and it costs too much and will lead to a further decline of the already moral lacking State of California.  There is an effort underway right now to put SB48 to a Vote, visit the website Stop SB48.  I am collecting signatures for the petition to put SB48 on the ballot and allow all registered Voters to ‘have a say’ on this issue since they are the ones footing the bill for the revision of the text books.  Even the liberal voice of the LA Times had this to say about SB 48 “it injects “controversial politics into the classroom” and puts politicians rather than academic experts in charge of curriculum at a time when classrooms need to focus on improving academic performance.”

This past Sunday I attended the Mother of Life conference at the USD campus on Linda Vista.  It is a Catholic event, I am not Catholic but I am a staunch Pro-Lifer, I was there to gather signatures for putting SB48 to a vote.  I was surprised by the amount of people with accents that eagerly signed this petition and asked for forms to take with them.  I was surprised at the number of college aged girls and boys who eagerly signed this petition.  I admit I had lost faith in immigrants to this country.  The current administration pulls them on board and tries to turn them against reason and principals in which this country was founded on.  The current administration (both State and Federal) reach out to our young people and let them know that loose morals or no morals is something to be embraced.

I gained some hope this past weekend, hope that not all immigrants are jumping on board the liberal bandwagon.  There are immigrants that have come here to America, that embrace its culture and the principles it was founded on.  There still are immigrants that come here not for the hand outs, but for a better life and they understand what it involves to keep America a great nation.  I am so glad that I had a chance to be a part of this conference and I am so glad that these immigrants reached out to me to show me that I was wrong.  If you are against SB48 or doubt its effectiveness please sign the petition to get it on the ballot.  Please go to and download a petition now.

To read more Conservative Opinion go to The California Conservative

How to cause a stink with your liberal co-workers

I went grocery shopping Tuesday night and I picked up a sealed veggie tray, with broccoli, celery, grape tomatoes and baby carrots. It’s ‘use by’ date was tomorrow Friday. I took it to work at 5am this morning, but there was an emergency, …so I dropped everything to attend to it. I forgot to put it in the work fridge. Sometime around noon I remembered my veggies and I was hungry, so I opened it up. I thought it smelled like strong broccoli, then as I opened it up more the distinct odor of POOF. Then it was the POOF gone bad and then A POOF on steroids. I took it over to a co-worker who immediately screamed “What is that?” “Its veggies, want some?” I replied. I was getting bad looks from everyone. Our floor square footage is huge I would say 4000 to 6000 sq feet, with endless cubes, break room, network closets the space is vast. Then I discovered I had a following. People were chasing me from the area, covering their noses and gagging. Naturally I said “who cut the cheese?” really loud. Ok, so I realized I was not going to be able to eat my veggies, so I dumped them in the break room garbage….little did I know what a literal and figurative stink that was going to cause. I had to find housekeeping; did I mention all the windows on our floor are sealed? They are. Suddenly it was mass hysteria, people coming through the stairwell door or arriving via elevator entered our chamber of horrors gagging. Paul sits right by the elevator and I heard him explaining THAT IT WAS ME who had caused that smell, using no discretion at all! A Muslim lady OK? A MUSLIM lady said ‘What is that stink” waving her hand in front of her face glancing around for a window. “Someone turn on a fan” she said. THEN she said she had thought it was an India person microwaving their food I was ready to go with that story, then her cube neighbor said “Oh no it’s her” and then pointed at me. The entire floor had poked their heads out of their cubes to find out what that smell was. Sandy had her can of Lysol going, she sits next to Kurt and I just said “Kurt put your shoes back on”, but he was too busy gagging to hear me. I grabbed the can of spray from the bathroom but that just seemed to make it worse. I finally went down to security to see if they could turn on the A/c or FAN OR SOMETHING. He gave me a can of heavy duty industrial strength odor neutralizer and sent me on my way. I argued “People are dying up there, we need AIR”. He just chuckled. I took my industrial strength can upstairs and let me tell you when I got off the elevator that stench about knocked me over, it took a moment to regain my composure and I looked around at the carnage. I had finally destroyed the enemy and I toyed with the idea of returning that industrial strength can back to security and leaving for the day. Then..In the distance I saw someone who I actually like there and wasn’t a liberal. I did it for them, I took my spray can and pushed on through the wall of stank and deodorized my floor, then finally as if God were impressed with my ability to forgive, the a/c cut in and order was restored.

The Sound of Freedom

Hello on this quiet Saturday evening, the 12th of February.

The United States Navy celebrated 100 years of Aviation this year.  I live in San Diego, we are a Military town, thank you Jesus for such a blessing.  There is no chance that it could have been a better day climate wise.  We are blessed in San Diego, for all the snow that has been going around, we haven’t gotten any of it.   It was a sunny, bright day not a cloud in the sky for this event.

The day started promising, I was in Starbucks and two men were discussing the Egypt headlines and one said to the other “Egypt has won, they are dancing in the streets” the other gentleman said to this one “They danced in the streets when Castro took over too”.    I thought ‘Score one for the good guys’.  Shortly after that I boarded the Orange Line Trolley bound for San Diego Bay.  It was crowded and two young men, about 18 were seated across from me.  An elderly couple boarded and these two young men offered up their seats to this couple.  I was truly touched.  Even the bum that had gotten on the train commended these two.  I thought “Score another one for the good guys”.

Aviation is a fun thing, not much is cooler than flying high above it all, in a craft of sorts, not drugs.  The elderly couple that the boys surrendered their seats for had on shirts with airplanes on them.  I suspected they too were headed to the bay.   I was correct and I listened to their conversation (you learn a lot when you listen).  They had purchased reserved seats on the Midway for this historic event.  I had planned to get off at Seaport Village, but they said the Midway was the place to go.

The Midway was really crowded so I decided not to board and opted instead to walk down to Seaport Village.   It was was packed, all of Harbor Drive was crammed with people.  The Shore Front walk was busy with Japanese tourists, street vendors, homeless people, pedi-cabs you name it, they were out there!  I stood in line at Ben and Jerry’s to get their over priced Sundae.  Ben and Jerry are two liberals whom I loathe but they do make good ice cream and it’s Seaport Village everything here is liberal.  How much is a two scoop sundae you ask?  It is $8.98 yes that is $9 for a two scoop sundae at Seaport Village.  They must have talked to Mooshell Obama, who told them to crank up the price of our pleasures, since they are just making us fat anyway.  The ice cream was Strawberry Cheesecake and Whirled Peace.   If Whirled Peace means more chocolate in my cup, I am all for it.

I had to get the sundae in there since I took a picture of it.  I still had 45 minutes to kill, so I headed back to the Midway thinking I would watch from Tuna Harbor.  I heard sirens on the way there and then saw a police officer handing an ID back to a Pedi-Cab driver.  On the ground was a large, gray man with handcuffs on.  I was going to take a picture but it didn’t look like the police would have been happy about that, so I opted not to and continued up the coast.  I passed a bench with an open seat on it and thought “Is that an available seat?”  It was and seated there were my new found friends Dan and his wife Chris.  Two very wonderful people, conservatives of course.  I’m always leery about talking to people in San Diego, in CA people are mostly liberal and we all know how I feel about liberals.   Dan and Chris informed me that the Pedi-Cab driver was instrumental in catching the flasher, the handcuffed man had been exposing himself at the event.

Dan is a commercial pilot and he’s pretty good with calling out the names of the planes, that was so helpful.  Chris is a lovely lady who made me feel very welcome.  It was nice to meet nice people in San Diego, genuinely nice people, smart  and informed people.  They are not originally from CA which is probably why the are genuinely nice and informed people.  I had so much fun with them, I hated for the day to end, but I was exhausted.  I get the title of this blog post from Dan.  I was filming a helicopter formation and a woman sitting near where I was standing said outloud “That’s our tax dollar hard at work” she said it sarcastically.  I knew what she meant, her comment was not lost on me.  I then had to inform her I’d much rather see my tax money like this than in so many other ways.  I went back to Dan and shared my experience and he said “To me, that’s the sound of freedom”.

The show was two hours and various planes flew over, most notably were the Harriers, 4 of them.  I have a fascination with the Harrier Jet.  It is an evil looking plane, it is the embodiment of “I’m gonna get you”.  I love them.  There were 4 of them flying, for me the Harrier says “I carry a big stick and plan to use it”.  I can’t imagine encountering a Harrier if I were engaged in battle with the US.  The helicopters were so cool, they flew over in formation, 8 to a formation.  They are so huge!  It was like I could reach out and touch them, but my camera didn’t feel that way.  I zoomed in and the videos are worthless.  Dan made a good point he said that if you are filming you can’t watch.  Now I missed out on both, a lot of the planes I didn’t get to see because I was filming and my filming turned out to be a disappointment.  I guess in another 100 years I can film it again?

Chris had gone back to Seaport Village to find water and while she was there she discovered being in Seaport Village was better than where we were sitting, so we went back to Seaport Village to watch the rest of the show.  The grand finale was to have about 50 jets fly over at one time in formation.  That did happen and that video turned out OK.  I’m going to post that video here.  Listen to it carefully, because you can hear the sound of freedom.

On an odd note, when I returned home,  my son told me that while he was at class today (police academy) the 50 plane formation flew over them.  One of the instructors asked the students “What’s that sound” to which they all replied “Planes!”.  The instructor informed them they were WRONG,  he told them “That is the sound of freedom”.  God is good isn’t he, when you think have something figured out, he confirms it for you.  All that tax money flying in the air IS the sound of Freedom.

The Pale Horseman


It was easiest to do this in blog format than try to upload everything to facebook and then try to organize it.
The photo is of how the ‘raw’ clip looks inside VideoPad video editor.  I do not claim to be any kind of expert or authority on video, I don’t even have the lingo down.  If you look at the ‘raw’ footage (I use quotes because I am not sure if it’s raw video, it could have been edited before getting to youtube, I cannot verify the authenticity of the footage).  The photo here shows the time of the clips, as you can see there are stops, most of the video flows perfectly until you get to where the ‘horseman’ appears.  You are in one scene and then suddenly it switches to another, this to me smells of previous editing, again I am no expert.  Now watch the clip of the horseman included.  It’s fuzzy because there is compression.  However at 7 seconds in the clip, pause it.  Look at the light pole to the left of the Horseman.  There is almost a perfect square formed with dots of light.  The top is seen at 7.0002 and then disappears behind the light pole at 7.0008.  That is at the top the dot of light below is seen more clearly.  Watch it several times, closely at the 6 second mark and you will see what I mean.  Keep your eyes to the left of the light pole.  The horseman footage to me seems to be imposed in the original clip.  I will edit this periodically as I look at it more.  If you want me to send the clip directly to you, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you.  Youtube might be fuzzy.

Edit:  I am working on getting a clear screen shot of what I am talking about and the doing a mark up of it.

***The video has stopped working.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s sign that I am wrong?  I re-uploaded the video and it still does not work.
***Update it appears to be working now, I think it was only my computer it wasn’t working on…..

***I believe this video was edited for the purpose of the Muslim people.  The Muslims believe that the Mahdi will return on a pale horse to kill those who will not submit to Islam.  If you want to search it look for the Legend of the Mahdi, Islam.  This is not new, just many Christians are not familiar with the Islamic beliefs.

Look at the circled area, then watch the footage

Time Line for Footage

Demo 2

Demo 1

Getting there is most of the fun, when you are going to the Arctic

Getting where you are going and the TSA

On Wednesday, December 8th I flew from San Diego to Milwaukee, WI.  With the TSA talk going on I was a bit anxious.  My anxiety doesn’t stem from terrorist attacks, more from the attack of our own government.  I don’t want some stranger seeing me naked, I didn’t want some stranger in Milwaukee seeing my daughter naked and x-raying her unborn child.  In a word:  Bastards.  Not the agents but Janet Incompetano and the head of the TSA John QLess.

My daughter flew from Milwaukee, WI to San Diego in October to visit me; I didn’t think anything of it.  I had no idea that while I had flown peacefully in September, in October something sinister was brewing.  Milwaukee had installed the TSA Porn Scanners.   When the news broke in November about the TSA Porn Scanners and Molestation Pat downs came to light, I talked to my daughter about it.  She told me that in Milwaukee she had been scanned and that it didn’t bother her, she felt is made us ‘safer’.  They did not explain to her that they are completely unaware the effects of these scanners on an unborn child, thus making the TSA agents radiation experts as well.  I spent some time thinking about that too.  If my daughter is not a terrorist they just spent untold amount of money scanning and endangering her.  How many non-terrorists did they scan?

I feel there are a lot of people who feel these molestations make us safer but they don’t.  TSA is made up of a group of people who are you and me, your grandmother and your neighbor across the street.  In other words, they don’t know Jack more than we do.  It’s like sending in the butcher to operate on your kidney.  How much different could it be than parting up an animal right?  Oh a big difference you say?   How much different can catching a terrorist be from listening for a beep in the metal detector or looking at you naked on a screen?  A big difference I say?   I’d trust the butcher to remove a kidney before I would consider the TSA keeping me safe from a terrorist attack.  A butcher AT LEAST has the basic understanding of cutting flesh a TSA agent doesn’t know squat about catching a terrorist.  Our enemy is one word:  Islam and the TSA are not allowed to use that word.  They are not allowed to identify our enemy even though time has shown our enemy is Islam and the Muslim adherents to it and now the converts to Islam.  So you think that the TSA can pick out a terrorist and save our @sses no, I’m sorry I don’t share that pipe dream, I’m mostly sober and the facts speaker louder than fiction.

Here I sit in Wisconsin 2300 miles from San Diego, for the most part homeless.  My sister is sick with full blown flu and I don’t want that, so I stayed at my friends house, but she is preparing to move so here I am in the coffee shop on the corner, it’s about 12 degrees outside and I can see snow on the ground wondering where I will stay tonight.  I now have to ask myself is battling the TSA worth coming back to WI to face sub freezing temperatures and sloshing through snow?  I would hate to think that the TSA and government won.  I can’t let them win, I can’t stop traveling but really, is it worth it to come back to a state I have despised the weather in for 20+ years.  I could use the TSA as an excuse, but then again, they win.  No, we cannot let them win.

I journeyed those 2300 miles yesterday, seems the gates 3 – 10 in the SD airport don’t have the Porn Scanners, I was able to go through a metal detector and all was well.  Coming back from Milwaukee may not be so pleasant, they have Porn Scanners and well all I can say is I may be reaching out to friends for bail and fine money.

I arrived in the Kansas City airport to change planes.  I had a 2 hour layover.  The way that KCI is set up is that the gates are all in a row and you have about 20 feet from where you get on the plane and where you would go into the terminal and have to pass through security again.  People changing planes and people that have already faced the TSA wait in this area.  I noticed an inordinate amount of TSA folks hanging about, and then I learned why.  The Southwest Agent announced that the TSA would be doing an extended search of the folks boarding.  They set up a plastic table.  Behind the table was a woman that I would equate with someone’s grandmother.  Not particularly brilliant, able to tie her shoes, but she looked like she’s more at home in a kitchen baking pies.  I would guess that her kids grew up and moved out, her husband is just a few years from retirement and she didn’t want to be bored at home.  What better reason to join the fight against terrorism, right?

The TSA agent picking candidates from the line was a big white man, tall and tubby.  He had an attitude of “Don’t mess with me” then one other TSA agent, a younger man, I’d put him at the late 20s.

They picked a total of 7 passengers to screen and I will admit up front the crowd boarding was 90% white, no doubt about it.  First one up was a white woman, she placed her bag on the table (I did not have camera out at the time) and the big man asked her about ID while the woman agent was rifling through her bag.  The TSA woman pulled out the woman’s wallet and opened it up.  My heart stopped, I was poised to get up and go over there.  That is a violation of all sorts, on closer inspection I think the grandmotherly TSA agent was being kind in an odd way, getting the woman’s ID for her.  They joked about it.  Honestly I could not hear them, I could only see them and the woman did not seem upset about the wallet maneuver.  Next one up was a white male; they searched his bag he too seemed to joke with them.  I scanned the line and I saw one black couple and I saw a clearly Middle Eastern mom, dad and child.  They looked so normal; I probably would not have picked them out either.

Next up was a young white male he looked dazed and confused and didn’t understand what was happening.  They thanked him, sent him off with a bewildered look on his face as if to say “WTF did I do?”  He looked about as far from a terrorist that I could imagine.  The second to last inspection was a Middle Eastern woman who looked thoroughly Americanized.

I don’t think I could even imagine her complaining about it later.  I don’t think I could even call her as a liberal she seemed so normal.

So who are the terrorists?  These passengers had already gone through security and now they were pulled randomly from a line of seemingly normal people wanting to get on their way.  This tall white tubby man, what are his qualifications at picking out terrorists?  It’s just random they say, well what the hell good does that do?  I can go up to random ATMs and hope I’ll find money sticking out of them, but it doesn’t meant it’s going to happen.  The TSA has just as good a chance of finding a terrorist as I do of finding $20 hanging out an ATM.

This concludes my rant.  You can view all of the videos I took at the longest is about 24 seconds.  I take short videos for two reasons 1)  Much easier to upload, however I still had to compress these so the quality is not very good.  Hey I was uploading them at the library via wireless  2)  Short videos are able to entertain even the most ADHD’s amongst us.

The comments in the video point out how 1 in 7 individuals secondarily screened weren’t white.  This does not make me racist this makes me a realist.  It is known that Islam wants to kill us, yet they continue to screen the majority of whites.  In this case, a Middle Eastern woman was scanned but as stated before, she did not look representative of terrorist at all.

The Beverly Hills Tea Party Sunday, September 26th 2010

This was a really great Tea Party.  Yes I say that every time, but this one was special.  It was special because it was in one of the most Liberal areas of the country, Beverly Hills, Ca or West LA as the people from the Pasadena area say.  Pat Boone was our Emcee and what a gracious man, a very spiritual man and I remember him from when I was a kid, though I mostly remember Debbie Boone and “You light up my life”.  The Party opened with an excellent impersonation of Patrick Henry by James Riley he has a 760 acre farm where he brings history to life for students.

A large contributor to this Tea Party was TEAPAC their website is lots of good information there.  This group has really taken a stand in the LA area, where most people fear dragging out conservative ideas.  Jonathan told a funny story that no one wanted to be a Precinct Leader so they decided to go with ‘Tupperware’ type tea parties.  Ladies holding Tea Parties at their homes and the idea really caught on, please visit their site.

Senator Bob McEwen (R) from Ohio gave such an incredible speech espousing the greatness of America.  It’s a speech you will want to hear.  Before him was Tamara Colbert, I hadn’t heard of her before today but her husband is running for office she again was reiterating the greatness of America.  I could not believe this kind of motivation, this kind of Pro-America coming out of California.  Isabell Perlinski a woman who emigrated from Cuba spoke and it gave me chills and brought tears.  People, you have no idea the struggles of the Cuban people.  No idea what is Socialism in its strictest form, she had a tragic tale that ended with hope in America.  It was real hope, not the kind marketed in 2008.

I’m pretty sure most of the rest of the country is clueless what it’s like to live in Communist California.  This once great beacon, this area of Promised Land has evolved over the last 40 years into a State that no longer adheres to the Constitution unless it’s convenient for them.  The rest of the country says “As goes California so goes the rest of the Country”, please, please do not believe this.  California is the Great Deception.  There is nothing here (except the extraordinary weather and scenery) that you couldn’t get better elsewhere.   California is in such deep financial trouble and the people are oblivious they are convinced that the Government is going to fix this.  To quote a great man in US history “Government is not the solution to our problems, Government is the Problem”.  You can’t tell California that because they just keep, keeping on pressing us down the black hole of financial and moral ruin.  I fear that this great big Black Hole known as California is going to suck in the rest of the country.

Star Parker, what a great conservative here is her website, be sure to visit it donate if you can, we only have 35 days left.  This is a remarkable woman, a story you don’t hear often enough.  She is representing some of the worst areas of LA there is, Watts, Compton, the fact that this woman campaigns pounding the pavement in that area is in of itself Heroic.  She tells a moving story of how she turned her life around and how she is working to turn around the lives of other Black Americans.  She gets ‘it’; she sees how Marxism has destroyed the lives of Black Americans.  It hasn’t just destroyed the lives of White Americans but it has hit the Black population even harder.  Please visit her site to read her story.  I cannot do justice to her story; you need to hear it in her own words.

One thing that really stood out about this Tea Party in Beverly Hills is the sheer amount of speakers.  There were 15 speakers listed, but I would say it was double that.  I would put attendance at 250 Patriots. There were no problems; the BH PD had a large presence there but Beverly Hills for the most part is a serene area of LA.  I have to say this; Beverly Hills had some of the oddest people I have ever seen.  Not the people in attendance they were just like us regular Americans, it was the people on Rodeo Drive.  People dressed in clothes that I am unclear where they could have purchased items as such.  Oh my gosh I have to mention K Chocolatier we had a few alternative agendas in attending this Tea Party, one was going to Nate and Al’s Deli and the other was K Chocolatier a very upscale Chocolate Retailer.  The young girl behind the counter there was so accepting of our role in the Tea Party and she was encouraging us and told us that a lot of young people in BH were behind us.  I almost fell over, no really, I almost fell over.  We had all our signs and chairs with us and it closed at 5pm so we had to haul ash to get over there from the park.  We arrived at 4:57 and they close at 5pm.  She allowed us to come in the tiny little store and she dug out the samples for us.  I wish I had gotten her name a very lovely girl in the physical and heart realm.  The samples were pretty darned good, I didn’t like the chocolate covered orange slice but the other things I couldn’t name she allowed us to sample were very good!

Alfonso Rachel of was there; he is always entertaining and has been a catalyst for patriots.  Victoria Jackson formerly of SNL currently a hard core political activist entertained us with a message from her heart.  She did her “Communist in the White House” song but she filled in with personal messages that let you know she is on the side of America.   I had heard of Merlin Froyd, a young man running for congress on where I am a subscriber.  I was moved by his interview and wanted to go to the BH TP to support him.

I had no idea Andrew Breitbart was going to be there, so I was pleasantly surprised.  I was up close watching Star Parker and saw Andrew standing over by Lionel Chetwynd and David Horrowitz.   I snapped his picture because honestly I wasn’t sure if it was him or not.  I thought I had my 8Gb SD card in my flip cam, but umm no it was the 4GB and Andrew Spoke for 5 minutes and my camera cut off at the 2.12 min mark, so I missed half of it.  I love to listen to Andrew because he doesn’t hold back.  I’m a regular poster on his ‘Big’ sites, I post as Hollylamb.  I saw Andrew speak at Showdown in Searchlight and realized I could not get enough, I went over to the ‘Big’ sites and what a great site.

David Horowitz was there and spoke for a few minutes.  What I remember most is him saying that Osama bin Laden is dead.  Of course everyone wondered how he knew this, he said it with conviction, so he went on to explain “If Bin Laden were still alive, I would have seen him on Larry King”.  I laughed out loud.

You can see an abridged list of speakers at the rally here  It was suppose to be 2 till 4 but we went to 4:45pm and at the end a lot of the candidates and speakers had to put forward an abridged version of what they wanted to say.   All speakers waited in the hot, hot sun and 95 degree temperature.  I think I got heat exhaustion because the next day, Monday I began a business trip to Mexico and I was so sick.  Mental note:  wear hat next time.

Further mental note:  Bring pen and pad to get names of people.  I omitted speakers not because they are not important but as age creeps up the memory cells tend to flee.  There were two Black Reverends that spoke (no they were not Jesse and Al) Wayne Perryman and Jesse Peterson, both Godly men, strong conservatives, it was refreshing.  I got a kick out of Jesse Peterson, he’s from Alabama originally.  I know a lot of people from Alabama and I know they say Murcan.  It took me the longest time to figure out what Murcan was, but it’s so easy, it’s American.  When I heard him say Murcan I guessed he was from Alabama before he even said it.

Between my two cameras I have approximately 5GB of video and pictures.  If anyone is interested in viewing anyone of the 50 videos I shot you can email me a request and I will post it up on Youtube.

I guess there is room for a small video of Victoria Jackson.  I take small videos for several reasons.  1) Some people have short attention spans  2)  I have a short attention span  3)  they are easier to compress and upload

Here is Victoria Jackson, I have other small ones as well